a new forum to tell your story

Easier to use and mobile and video enabled and unmoderated.

Your English is excellent, I must say. Yes, it will then be a contribution to your local community.

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What’s your story?

Here’s mine…

I was diagnosed with late onset schizophrenia when I was 56 after ten years of suffering and refusing help. I inherited schizophrenia from my father who was also a late onset schizophrenic.

My main symptoms included seeing Osama Bin Laden in a brilliant white robe and turban several times, thinking numbers contained secret messages which made license plates and signs a challenge, thinking myself and my family were being targeted for torture and murder, thinking percussive noise contained secret messages and sleeping around two hours a day. Like many other schizophrenics I self medicated with lots of alcohol - usually 2 to 3 bottles of wine a day.

I have been essentially symptom free for six years which has been achieved through good sleep habits and daily medication - initially Olanzapine and now Abilify. I completely abstain from alcohol and avoid even going near anyone smoking weed.

I am a very high functioning schizophrenic with an executive level background in the technology industry.

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Sounds scary to me.
Call me a fourth grader, but I like it when the rules are followed.


There are 3 million people with schizophrenia worldwide that also have internet access. With 40,000 users of there is plenty of room to grow plus some room for other services like

I guess that more than 3, much more, where did you get that stat from?
By the way, that your story is so nice good for you, it is easy to tell your story if you get lucky with
your genes, I’m not lucky, there’s nothing to tell, gimme better treatments for schizophrenia!!!

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Global population times 40% , the percentage having internet access times 1%, the percentage having schizophrenia.

My advice is… take your meds and get lots of sleep plus… listening leads to talking, talking leads to insight and insight leads to wellness.

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Actually insight leads to help and help leads to wellness

@Schizo421 in your last comment the reasoning is too simplistic, in math perhaps a leads to b , c follows from b etc
in real life it doesn’t work that way, although it is good that you give your 5 cents of advice.
Now regarding the number of people with schizophrenia with internet access, several things.
First, for many schizophrenics their functioning is so impaired that they can’t use the internet at all.
Second, I hazard a guess that most(lion’s share of) schizophrenics worldwide don’t know English because of their disorder.
In any case your calculation seems very simplistic.
Also it is hardly safe to assume that the rate of schizophrenics with internet access is similar to the rate of general

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Ur right, I redid the calculation and it’s 29.6 million

good luck with your forum.



I reread that with this face on:


I don’t necessarily see an issue with creating an account here to advertise another forum as long as it’s not a commercial enterprise (i.e., charging a fee or selling stuff) which would be against forum guidelines.

However, I’ll alert @SzAdmin


I’ve been on this forum since 2004. My vote is to stay where I trust, which is here. Something about trying to recruit in others territory seems, um, wrong.

Good luck with your site, if your stats are correct, there’s plenty of fish in the Sz sea.
This little fishy stays right here in this forum.


I was paranoid coming to this site. I don’t think I can do it again on a new site. It’s been a struggle every now and then to read and write. But I feel at home here, I keep returning even if paranoia hits me hard.


No problem. Talking helps me.

I converted the site to generic use by anyone with any kind of illness and if it sees no use in the next few days I’ll take it down.

Don’t give up so easy. The part that fuels the paranoia most is “easy up, easy down” sites.
Give it some time to attract folks. Many like me will want to sit and read for quite awhile before actually jumping in, we want to see how others get treated first.