Scatter brained today

Ugh. I am feeling very scattered today. I’m so hyper yet I feel like doing nothing. I’m having trouble completing one thought before I move on to the next. A couple days ago I posted about possible mania. I wonder if I should be diagnosed with bipolar. I’m going to start tracking my symptoms and see if there is a pattern


Its like a rapid thought process, i get this a lot/ not sure if it is mania but i know its annoying. I hope you feel better ed, i know its tough especially for young people like us.

Thanks. Today is totally different. I can’t wake up and my thoughts are really slow. Had 3 days in a row where I felt great. Back to that familiar old tired feeling

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Yeah it be like that sometime. We deal with what we are given, sorry i can’t be more optimistic. I too feel a little down today :.(

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Sorry you feel down. That was me yesterday. I couldn’t get myself out of bed. I laid there with the lights off and music on. Music helped though. I started to feel better and ended the day on a positive note

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Oh wow that sounds really rough, I’m sorry you went through that. I’m glad you feel better now tho. : )

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I need to vent desperately, I had an argument with a lady at my Dr. office for mental health

She tried to act like she wanted to help me and played with me like a toy
She didn’t help me at all find someone to talk to. she even denied that mindpath has a on call provider I was so pissed

Anyone out there available to vent with
AA is busy and really not appropriate

Need a fellow schizo that understands

Perhaps you should start your own thread @Sheryllee50 . Don’t want to highjack @Edparry 's thread

Well today was crazy I kept looking at this picture on a table of a man the first time I saw him he just look like some movie star and as time moved on he began to look like someone I use to know. I’m so darned confused. You know a previous job I had there was someone that looked like someone I know. No biggy right. But it freaks me out. I’m constantly seeing look alikes I use to think they were angels or an angel following me around. As time goes on I have no freaking idea what going on. Gee am I even on earth. Am I going threw pergatory can’t be that I imagine would be worst
I think I accidently hurt a sore spot
on my client that really hurt me and scared me because I am afraid someone might want to injure me for it.

Also someone knocked on the door I didn’t answer not knowing who it could be and I was on the phone with that Dr. Office they could have sent the paddy wagon. I didn’t hurt anyone or plan on it
I just think I need a change in my meds. To insane for me to deal with
During my schizo times I’ve really seen an outrageous amount of look alikes. Could an alien be trying to direct me. I don’t know what to do
Normies annoy me. And I don’t want to see anymore look a likes
But i have no power over it. Only coping mechanism I know is gee I don’t have a coping mechanism. Must be prayers and meditation
I swear I need the Father - Son - and the Holy spirit desperately
I’m loosing my cool. I thank someone gave me worthless medicine
Oops I didn’t take it today oops

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I need more seroquel in the mornings. It’s getting unbareble. Also, I have people talking to me outside my window when I’m trying to rest. Now the Dr and the people would say that’s not true but it is the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. Yes I need God to protect me from these power hungry control freaks with vicious take over the world with sin motives.

I’m trying to get away from them.
Darn I want to pack a bag and get out of this town. But I think the same thing may happen in another state. I tried enough states. No I have to get through this insane experience some how. But How, Maybe I should quit my job. But I like my job. I heard the priest say I’m only required to go to church 2 a month. I could stop going all the time and just watch it on the internet. I could order my food by internet don’t have to go to the market. I never have to leave my home so much. Some young man looked at me with a smile/smurk.

What someone says. It confuses her. That’s when I realized I confused as hell. My like really doesn’t make much sense

I’ve had it. You know I thought I heard the waitress call me a dirty name. So I asked her when she came back to the table. Do you know me. Have you seen me someone before. She kept saying no and smiled. People are always trying to make me hate who I am. Always trying to make me feel like I don’t deserve to live. They aren’t God.
We’re being charged up the yang for a planet that was given to us for free and this is the best we can do. What the heck do they know? Nothing absolutely Nothing of any use to me. If you want to play monopoly Everyone should get the same amount to start with.
Whatever. I’m a servant not up to me. Someone always has to be better than.
Darn feeling a lot of anxiety and getting tired. but I got this crap out of my head.

Going to have to figure out how to deal with the look alike picture.

One thing Don’t look at it any more. If one of those look a likes come my way get away from them asap without looking insane. Just gently remove myself from the moment or area. Also, I know I’m being followed. So If I remove myself they might follow me. They have never followed me before. No that’s not true I remember a Look alike followed me to Maryland once.
I knew he was a look a like but he had a different personality I was able to see the difference.

I’m so tired so sleepy so overwhelmed. I wonder if this is possibly a Love issue. I’ve been there not good. Sticking with God and Angels and Jesus and Mary and the saints is a whole lot better. Celibacy is a whole lot better. There going to test you. That’s one of those dumb voices. I hate it. I hate those darn voices. Not cool Voices and Look a likes and being followed. Gee I saw a look a like at church. I don’t know why? I wasn’t interested in that gent. I saw a look a like in PT. she was just as nice as the person she looked like. I’m not going back to that town. I don’t like it.
I even saw a look a like at a meeting she reminded me of my sponsor.
I don’t want a look a like sponsor. I’m getting sick of leaving my room
Is this what I want? Do I want to live with people always bugging me
I should stay home.
Try and get a job I can do at home. And don’t try none of the 999 number jobs. Look into taking a class. We got to get your mind out of the strange stuff. You have to stay close to jesus. Relax and stay close to Jesus

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Thanks for letting me vent
I’ve calmed down
Have a wonderful day


No problem. This forum is to help. I saw look alike celebrities when I was in psychosis. Are you on meds?

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Are you feeling anxious - racing thoughts are a somewhat normal anxiety symptom too.
But yeah tracking symptoms sounds like a good idea.

Hope you feel better.

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I think it was just a coincidence of good days and a bad day that followed. Today I feel pretty good again. I think my new anxiety med combined with the CBD I’ve been taking is working. Before I had so much anxiety my stomach hurt. Now it feels kinda normal. Still have anxiety but it’s not as bad.

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Glad you’re feeling better. =).

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