Scars on your body

ive a 12 inch scar on me neck…have you any scars?

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Right cheek was ripped off by pittbull age 5…two facial surgeries at 5 and 6. Two testicular surgeries and one removal. Two back surgeries so small back scar, head staples…lots of surgery.

sounds rough I’ve got a few scars here and there but nothing major.

Scars are nothing compared to what these ones did to my noggin though man. I just got done crying in front of my girlfriend. Screw it.

Yeah man I consider my voices and telepathic remnants as mental scars. They heal but only slowly and I must be commited to allowing them to heal. Was around some recreational drug use last night. It left me feeling jealous and pissed off that I couldn’t join in. Oh well who knows what would’ve happened to me if I took what they were taking.

Exactly, I mean I drink…sometimes I really drink…like beer for breakfast all fricking day as they take turns raping me. It’s so ■■■■■■ up that I feel I deserve it now…like I did ■■■■■■ up ■■■■. Sometimes I don’t even feel like a human being anymore. And ganja is there but I’m trying not to abuse and be a stronger man. I don’t touch anything else anymore, but I have been known in the past to have done a lot of drugs and generally a lot of self abuse. My girlfriend is very supportive, yet I secretly know I have to man up and quit being so fricking scared.

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Many I use to work in kitchens and have many battle scars from it. Although oddly enough the largest I have is along my thumb from opening a can of baked beans.

lol cool, kids used to make fun of the scar on my face. totally sucked.

That sucks man. ■■■■■■■ dogs dude. Esp the wild ones. I hate em.

@BryanAshley Congratulations for resisting that old temptation. It’s not easy and with as well as your doing, your right… it could have really set you back.

The scars I have on me… burn scars and skin graft scars up the left side of my body and arm when my kid sis and I were in a house fire.

I have a deep scar on my finger where I cut it open because my hallucination at the time demanded blood to become real, and I have the scars from my attempt to leave this life.

I have a scar from when I was bit in the shoulder by a Shetland pony. I always thought when I was younger that it was the most obscene thing. Oh well.

I have a gemini symbol on my left hip, and a slew of slashes and deep carvings on my right hip. I haven’t cut in years now though, not since the inside voices have left :smile:

I’m really scarred up, one on my cheek, one above my eye, one or two in my mouth (a dog clawed the inside of my lip)
Multiple down my arm, one under my thumb nail, a chest scar or two, a scar on my hand from a bike wreck, a couple on my knee.

People see these scars and think I’m someone who is mean, partially because I lack facial expression. Underneath however I’m a very soft person.
I even have a stuffed dog I sleep with at night to comfort me.

People whose vicious dogs bite others should be held strongly accountable. They seem to think they have some kind of inalienable right to terrorize the public with their bad dogs.

Actually, it was our dog. My father later found my cheek under the cresting branches of a pine tree. He called me out to the back yard and showed it to me and threw it away…just watched that bob outta my mind video. I don’t think these Hollywood people and artists really know what’s going on. ANYWAY. The dogs were returned to Texas and later my father got another pittbull when I was a sophomore in highschool. He currently has two and we no longer speak to eachother.

I have writing all over my thighs. Horrible things. Some fresh some old.

on my leg, on my wrist, and a tonne of scars all over my head ( self inflicted )…i’m very attractive !?!
take care

so many i have lost count.

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I have a hole in my shin where some jerk pushed me into a chair in college. I have a scar on the inside of my lower lip where some bully hit me in the mouth with a roll full of quarters. that’s about it.