Everyone has clean legs

While mine are tattered with the burns of my past taboos. Ill always carry this because of my scars. Always knowing i drove my car into a tree. Always knowing im different from everyone else because of these burns. They just wont go away. At least i can still walk. But if i ever wear shorts without long socks i always get questions. I hate this ■■■■. Y i pulled myself out ill never know. I shouldve burned up in that metal death trap. Y am i here now? To keep me suffering? It has no meaning just like everything else. I shouldve burned up but i didn’t and now im stuck here with the rest of these ■■■■■. ■■■■ u god

Hey man, I have a couple tattoos I’m not wild about. Often wish they would wash off in the shower. Oh to be young and dumb!


Theres a line that i heard that goes “im not mad at u, my tattoos are taboo too.”

I have leg scars that look awful. These are all surgical but they are huge like Frankenstein. There goes my dream of being a leg model…XD jk


Oh right! I forgot about the 1-inch wide 6-inch long surgery scar on my left elbow. Had a pinched nerve released. Elbow feels as bad as before the surgery, but now in a different way. Went from pain in the elbow and numbness and tingling in the fingers, to local numbness around the elbow. What a pain in the…err…elbow?!

Yeah! I hate that. My entire right side of my left leg and left side of my right leg is numb. I get the tingling on the opposite side, Darn you genetic deformities! At least I don’t look like Forest Gump anymore and can run.
I have six scars in total the long ones are one inch wide and about six ich long too! Wadda pain in the knee!

P.S. @alien99 , the TSA hates me XD. I always beep at metal detectors. “What are you hiding in your knees!”…oh just some good counterband…what do these people think is in there XD.

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I’ve gone through their fancy-schmancy body image scanner doohickies twice. Both times I looked back to see what they see, and there are these big white spots on both elbows (the left one got FUBAR’ed, but I had the right one done 15 years ago, and it was a total success - same original problem in both elbows). I guess they see all the internal stitching.

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I have tattoos on my kneese that I want to get rid of. I just need a job and some money for it.
I can’t wear shorts every summer, and now I am stressing out because I want to remove them before this summer comes, but still have no money. :frowning:

I had surgery on both knees, so my kneecaps are each surrounded by four dots. My left arm is covered with scars from cutting. I’m a long pants, long sleeve girl.

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Same i try to wear long sleeves as much as possible for the same reason