Scared to go


I’m scared to go to the grocery store, because I don’t want to get kidnapped by the men. I’m taking my medicine, but it’s not helping me not to be afraid. How do I overcome this?


Do you have a social worker or something ? They could go with you until you realise there’s no danger and you can go in your own.


Or if not a social worker a friend or family member?


Yes can you go with someone you trust?


I just got approved for a case worker and peer support specialist. I’ll see my case worker in December and probably will start peer support in january


@everhopeful @Wave @Loke I’m embossed to ask family or friends. But talking to my social worker is a good idea


Are you in an area where you can order online and then just go in to pay ? I know walmart does that in some places. That would really cut down the amount of time in the store. Just an idea.i do it often


Albar is right. I work for instacart where I go to the grocery store shop for people’s groceries and deliver them. I don’t know if a service like instacart or shipt is available near you.


You would have to order online though. It’s best if you use the app.


I can have my groceries delivered and that’s what I do now but I have to tip and that store costs more than other stores like Kroger and Aldi. It’s just too expensive.


That makes sense. Out here the cheapest stores offer that


I just got an email instacart is now available at aldi at least in the area I live in. May come to other areas as well.


Thanks @jassy22. I’ll check it out


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