Scared of whats to come

I been scared of talking to my father. And he doesnt like the fact i have this mental illness. He thinks i am a satanist do to how i vent out my emotions on paper and thinks i need to go to church. (Even though i already go to a Christian church… thought i feel the religion is not for me.)
He just want to cintrol my life again like he always does. And wants me off my meds and stop seeing my therapist. sighs sorry for the vent i been upset lately.


:astonished: Don’t go off your meds …


Really ticks me off when people offer these solutions for their schizophrenic family members, especially when they involve religion or avoiding treatment.

My mom is very supportive and pro-treatment. I really appreciate my mother’s support and wish that all people’s parents were that way. It’s so easy to be nice and supportive, and yet so many people seem deathly afraid of it.

Don’t listen to him about treatment, it’s important to put your faith in medical professionals. They are there exactly for this reason, to trump the decisions of your less educated family members. Also church isn’t going to cure anything, it’s just a place to go and be social and feel good. You’ll still have symptoms.

Cool drawing! I wish I had skills like that. I can do an okay stick man, but only if I use the Line and Circle features on paint :smiley:

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Hey thank you very much. If anything i am going to move in with my faincee cuz he wants me to keep on my meds and see a therapist. While he see in for his asburgers.

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I am not. My dad wants me to cuz he stupid.


Cool you have a fiancee, that’s awesome. I personally like therapy because I tell them all the stuff I don’t tell my family members. It’s like basically all the TMI stuff.

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Yeah i can understand that.

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