Relationship with Parents?

How do you get along with your parents. How did the react to finding out you have SZ. My dad doesn’t believe in mental illness so we don’t get along because he doesn’t understand. My relationship with my mom is ok. She helps me get through episodes when she can.

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I get along well with my parents. My mother struggled to believe I had SZ but does accept it. I think my dad does too.

I grew up with a mom who has schizophrenia, so she’s accepting of my condition. But, because of her symptoms, she really can’t be any sort of support to me.

My dad and my grandmother were a different story however. They’re both very religious and believe that mental illness is caused by demonic forces. So I can’t really talk to them about it. I choose not to, because I don’t want to be insulted that way.

I’m very envious of people who have family support. I’ve never had any of that. It would definitely be helpful to broaden my support network.



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It was pretty obvious that something was wrong with me as early as age 5. So when I got my final diagnosis at age 17 my parents completely said… “well finally… that all makes sense.”

There were some hard and ugly years between my family and I as I refused my meds, kept drinking heavily, had no insight. But once I got my head out of my butt and stayed on the meds and went to therapy and quit illegal drugs and drinking, our relationship has healed.

My parents and I are pretty solid friends now. I’m grateful they didn’t give up on me.

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My father heard voices and now he is at the elderly care facility without understanding much. My mother takes care of her second husband who has Alzheimer and she understands my sz. I try not to bother her with my symptoms, because it is already too much to take care of an Alzheimer patient who does not speak much, who has to be fed and has become worse in the past six months. Alzheimer is a terrible disease.

I have not seen or spoke to my father in over 15 years. My mother I believe is un-diagnosed delusional of some sort but she doesn’t believe in mental illnesses and holds her religion accountable for healing. I don’t speak to her much and I have been distanced from the family.

I get along with my parents okay. My dad is also schizophrenic so he understands me. My mom cries sometimes because she doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t understand me at all.

I don’t see much of my dad(once a year for 7-8 hours) and talk to him occasionally. He’s not someone i can talk to about my problems but he’s not overtly hostile/negative about mental illness.
My mother is dead. The relationship was complex. I loved her but her behaviour due to drinking had an adverse psychological effect. It was hard to talk to her because any bad situation affecting me or my siblings became a drama for her, and a further excuse to drink.

That’s the same problem I have with my dad and his whole side of the family. They pray over my every time I’m around them knowing I’m not a religious person.

Thank you to everyone who replied. It is very much appreciated. :blush:

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Only my mom knows my dx, sza. I don’t think she understands what it is and we’ve never talked about it. They just know I was sick and needed to be hospitalized. I don’t think my dad would understand, there is a lot of mental illness on his side of the family and they are all in denial about it.

Not well at all.

Don’t speak with my father and my mother is pure evil, she doesn’t know what it is but even if she did she just doesn’t give a ■■■■.

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You have one here! xx

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