Advice needed

Hey guys, I just need some advice about my family. What do you do when your family gets paranoid about your illness and thinks you are possessed/being followed by demons? I need to get some advice or I’m going to lose it. How do you convince your family you’re just sick?

I don’t talk about it with my mom. She believes I have contact with spirits. She doesn’t like that I’m on meds.

I tend not to talk to my mom about it, most often my dad either. I can’t talk to anyone about it in my family, I have to rely on my therapist and stuff for that kind of thing.

My family is super religious and thinks that my schizophrenia is caused by demons. To combat this, I try to give them as much scientific information on schizophrenia as possible (in an easy to read format). This has helped shape their beliefs a bit about the cause of the illness. But it’s taken years to do that.

I rarely talk about it with them. Except to tell them that my meds are working wonderfully. This helps them to see that it’s a legitimate illness, with a legitimate treatment.

It’s saddening to think that you can’t talk to your own family about it, but sometimes that’s for the best.

Is there any way that you can get them to go to therapy with you? Therapists are very well-trained at educating families about the illness.



I can’t talk to my family about my illness. They probably think I’m just being a lazy bum. They have never been involved in my health and probably never will.

i sometimes will tell my dad im having a rough day or say the meds work. thats it. when my mom found out she took me to a catholic church and tried to get them to schedule a exorcism fro me. they did this “pre” thing where the priest laid his hands on me and all this stuff.

The human body is an Antenna that transceives Informed Energies. We are a walking, breathing transceiver and there is so much about us that the medical world doesn’t know so I don’t exclude anything when it comes to what we all are experiencing. I know one thing I’m not having hallucinations or my mind is making this up. I know what I’ve heard, what I hear and what ever this is talks back. As far as trying to explain to family that was something that I had a really hard time with because of the way everyone had reacted to all this happening to me. When ever anybody doesn’t understand something they revert to what ever they feel brings them comfort (religion) or they might say it’s crazy and become dismissive to what you are going through because they have no answers & they don’t want what ever it is not to bother them. You can’t convince anyone who doesn’t want to take the time to listen & really show you that you’re in their heart. Spend time with the family and friends who want to hear you and reciprocate that love back to you leave the rest of them alone. There is a really cool story my Uncle emailed me…Go to YouTube and look up “Wake Up a story about Jonas Elrod.”

@anon59133895, im really sorry you are not getting the support you need from home, have you invited them to join you with your dr? possibly if they were to hear it from a medical professional they may start to be more accepting?

@Clyn My father is convinced that I’m being tormented by demons, and once he has set his mind on something, there is no talking to him. My mother is slightly more understanding, though not by too much.
@stoneycaldwell I’ll check it out when I can.
@fear If my family were Catholic, that is probably what they would do. I’m sorry you had to go through that either way.
@radmedtech I try, but my dad shoots it down and he never leaves it alone. I was involved in witchcraft when I was twelve years old and my dad is convinced. My dad is already so far down the path of not believing me when I say I am simply sick, he won’t listen to me when I say it has nothing to do with demons. My parents dont come into therapy with me, I prefer not to talk about my hallucinations around them :\

My family used to think that for years, I believed them as well for some time, so we went to many people who deals in spiritual exorcism, non of them worked ! I think that parents would prefer that their son or daughter to be possessed by demons on the fact that they are mentally ill or to be called crazy…it hurts

There may be too much truth to that statement. Get an exorcism done and all is cured. Hopefully with all the work being doing to bring mental illness out in the open than we can get past this old way of thinking. I certainly don’t consider a SZ diagnoses being the end of my son’s life. If anything I think it will help him to hold on to an innocence that this world is severely lacking.


my dad thinks everyone has demons following them to some degree. I’m beginning to wonder whether he is the mentally ill one. He always calls people sociopaths or possessed. I’m beginning to see those characteristics in him that he likes to call “Sociopathic”. Either way, he’s really getting on my nerves. Luckily, he hasn’t brought it up lately, or I probably would’ve gone nuts on him.

Then your dad must believe in God? God says these demons are deceiving and influencing, How could the decieve us and influnce us if they didn’t follow us around…

Something to think about?

Yes he does beleive in God. He says he isn’t a fanatic, but he turns to demonic possession for EVERYTHING. I believe in God as well, but I pray each day to ward off demons. They are not following me.

As God says resist the devil and he’ll flee (That backs your dads idea too :slight_smile: )

EVERYTHING!! lol I find that funny… Even like a cup or picture frame… Or just about people? It sounds like your dad is giving the Devil to much credit from where I’m sitting… One things for sure he can’t possess anything that’s blessed :slight_smile:

Keep praying it works

I do resist the devil, I truly do. And yes, everything related to people. Although once we had two demons in our house. One of them tried to possess a wall. :smiley: my dad and i laughed so hard about that. We pissed the demon off though O_O