Scam callers

My parents have a landline phone and it constantly ringing with scam callers. It’s ridiculous. These people have no morals and prey on the elderly and mentally feeble. I wish they all would just die. They deserve no better for what they do. Thieves and Criminals. It’s a reminder to me how ugly some of the people in this world can be.


I disconnected my land line, it was all sales and scam calls

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Yeah, its not nearly as bad on cell phones…although I do once in a while get a call on my cell telling me my car warranty is about to expire…which is kind of funny since I don’t own a car atm. How they got my cell phone number is beyond me…


computers just randomly call numbers see which ones are alive


Yes…there are many ways to get money in this world. A lot of people who are only out for themselves I’m afraid. Luckily there are many good and decent people in the world too.


robocall equipment needs to be illegal and punishable by up to 120 years inside a cell with ringing phones


Does your state or city have a “No call” list? I’m not sure how it works but years ago I put my name on one and eliminated a lot of those calls.

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Change your phone number, you should get less. Also block private numbers and never answer calls from numbers you dont know, just decline them then block them.


Yeah, I’m not sure how it works either.

I would think that would eliminate some of the legit business calls…salesmen etc. I doubt it would have any effect on the overseas scammer people.

i agree, scam callers piss me off. who are these people?

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If you do change your number, make sure you get a new one. Sometimes they give people old/numbers. I’m not sure why. I just got my cellphone number changed and I am getting MORE spammers because someone who is local had my new number. It’s just more stress because he’s got all these people texting him asking to meet up who he was obv. ignoring and it seems like whoever had my old number was some sketchy dude or cop. So frustrating. I wish I hadn’t changed it now. I’m getting calls for checkups etc. but I told them I’m not that person. I even know his name and everything…


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