Polite scammers!

so i was over at dad’s the other day, and he got a phone call from a foreign number, the guy said “im calling you to notify you you’ve won the publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes” blah blah blah, then dad told him " i can’t win i already have too much money" and the guy said “ok have a nice day” haha. it gave me a chuckle when he told my dad to have a nice day, personally i don’t answer the phone unless i recognize the number calling.


I’ve got one of those air horns. Like to give scammers a blast of it in the ear.


haha you’re so bad. that’s funny.

its crazy how we can’t even answer our phones all the time. of all the people in the world why are they calling me?

Well friend, drastic times call for drastic measures.

I recommend keeping around a “diarrhea CD.”

One just chockfull of the nastiest ■■■■ sounds possible.

This CD is to be played in the ear of every scam caller.



What I don’t get is why some of them keep calling. On my old number I’d get 10 “maikrosaft tek subort” calls a day.
One time I got angry and screamed I’d report them tobthe authorities if they didn’t stop calling me, and the woman jusy said “ok miss i call you many many times”


I havent gotten one since a few months ago. I have my phone set to block unknown and private numbers, they go directly to voicemail so I listen to see if its important. I also only answer numbers in my contacts otherwise they can leave a message.


I only answer numbers or contacts I recognize, either wise I let it go to voice mail.


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