Scale strength of antipsychotics

Wanting to know a sorta list from weakest go strongest antipsychotic medication

Strongest Clozapine Haloperidol Olanzapine Risperidone Abilify Latuda etc Weakest

My pdoc always puts the first three in their own category and the rest are about the same as each other


I think Clozapine is towards the top. :dog::dog::dog:

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Thank you 116661166616

Thank you 1151511511511

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If you’re about to start taking them, I wouldn’t worry too much about this. They all work differently for everyone

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Already taking them just was a bit curious

Sorry my manners thank you for responding :blush::blush:

If you type in antipsychotics strength etc into google images, there are lots of tables and charts about this. That’s what I did when I last switched as I had never heard of Amisulpride

Thank you so much didn’t think of that :joy::joy:

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Clozapine and haloperidol seem to be the strongest. I was put on Haldol during my first hospitalization. The most zombifying medicine I ever taken.

@DelusionalSoldier im sorry to hear that. I hope that the the medications you are on now are treating you better

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cool! also i dont think its as simple as “Stronger or weaker”. They have different effects on different neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Some raise serotonin, some limit it. Some raise dopamine, some lower it. Its about finding the medication that fits what the cause of your psychosis is.

That’s actaully really interesting thank you so much for explaining this :blush:

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Thank you, @Rcundy1! I’m on aripiprazol now and it doesn’t zombify me.

im pretty sure thats how it works anyways, dont take my word for it though, just google what each does and ask your doctor actually.

There is an overview at

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I’m on Haldol and it’s so weird - it gives me energy.

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I’m on Vraylar. I guess it’s not as strong as some of the others but I mainly suffer from cognitive and negative symptoms of sz/sza. I have delusions that have diminished over time but never went away.

I’ve been on several medications. Usually 2 APs at a time but I’ve been on 3 APs at a time too. I’m just taking 2-3 meds right now: Vraylar 4.5 mg, Buspar 20mg 3x a day, and sometimes Trazodone 100mg for sleep. I noticed the Trazodone helps with my positives and my mood.

Vraylar has the highest affinity for D3 of all current antipsychotics.

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