Saying Goodbye To Rainie

Rainie is my German Shepherd. Rainie has not always lived with me. A friend of mine was having housing problems, and I got Rainie for a temporary period when she was a puppy After taking Rainie back my friend moved first to Minnesota than to Florida. After a few years she called me up from Florida and told me she was dying. She ask me to take Rainie because I was the only one she trust. So Rainie came back into my life in February 2010. Now I have to say goodbye too her again.

Her brain is sharp but her body is weak. Tomorrow I will take her to the veterinarian and tell her goodbye one last time.

I can not type anymore. The tears are starting to come.


man, that is some hard to take news @Ridgerunner I hope you get through the loss o k? How many more dogs do you have and what is their health like?

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I am really sorry @Ridgerunner
Take care

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Beside Rainie I have three other dog. Two of them are seniors. Hey-U is about the same age as Rainie. He Had to have cemo treatment for cancer last year. Cemo doesn’t effect dogs like it does people. He is now in remission.

Yosemite is my Great Dane. He is getting up there in age for a Great Dane. But so far his health has been pretty good. I had a man that lives down the road from me. Who stop one day when I was walking with Yosemite. He told me he had two Great Danes. And that there health started to go down hill fast, once they turned eight years old. Yosemite will be eight on the 24th of May this year.

My youngest and smallest is Pretty Girl. She was dump at the campground near where I live, while she was pregnant. Once the campers left for the season she was still there with three puppies. I manage to catch one and then another one of the puppies. Then I caught the mother with her last puppy. I had help fining the puppies all homes through facebook.

We could not fine a home for the mother dog. So now she is at home with me. Pretty Girl will have no more babies I seen to that. There are to many unwanted dogs and cats in this world.


I empathize with you. My cat was my soul and I had him for about 18 years. He died last year due to what the vet suspected was diabetes, but which I couldn’t afford the vet bill to treat.

I picked up a gray stray cat when I was 13 years old and I kept that cat until I was 31 years old! He was my strong power animal who kept me company all those years. He lived to be very old and towards the end I spent roughly 600 dollars in a five month period trying to keep him alive through a cat-bite infection, an eye infection, and finally I couldn’t pay for the diabetes treatment the vet suspected he had. I couldn’t afford it, and the credit place turned me down, and the vet wouldn’t do it on a payplan, so I took him to the animal shelter to be euthanized humanely.

I know what it’s like to lose a pet after having him for so many years. Do you have any photographs? I treasure my cat pics of him now!


I am really sorry that you’re going through this @Ridgerunner It is so sad to lose a pet.

It’s been almost 2 years since my beloved labrador retriever passed away. I really miss her as she was my best friend for the 14.5 years that I had the privilege of having her in my life. I have a little box of keepsakes from her—some of her puppy teeth, whiskers of hers that I found around the house over the years, and some tufts of her fur. Her ashes and her collar are on a little table in my living room in a place of prominence next to my Buddha statues and favorite photos of her. I find great comfort and solace in my fond memories of her.

My heart goes out to you and I hope you have many cherished memories of your precious Rainie. Take care.


I’m really sorry @Ridgerunner. It’s never easy…

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So sorry, ridgerunner…

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Its never easy.

My heart goes out to you @Ridgerunner.

Please hang in there.

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I called the Vet, and have a appointment at 11. It will take me about a hour to get there. So I have to leave soon.

Get out and enjoy this beautiful spring day. That is if it a beautiful spring day where your at.

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I’m so sorry @Ridgerunner. Pets are as precious as family members. Keep memories of the happy days, I have pictures of my pets, I sometimes watch and remember the fun we had.

I’ve had two cats and a dog that has passed away. Cats from serious illness (pancreatitis and the other one suspected brain tumor) they were just 6 and 10 years old. My old dog was almost 13 when his body finally gave up. It was also a German Shephard. He was blind in his elderly days, had problems to pee and back legs were sometimes paralyzed. I had to massage them so he could walk again.

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It is done…

Losing a loved one is never easy. I’m sorry.

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Sorry to hear this @Ridgerunner,
gosh I know how hard it is to let them go, they are like children,
no wait,
they are better than children, because they are more loyal.

Rainie was lucky to be with you at the end, it’s hard to find good people like you that an animal trusts.

A big sQuEEzy (((((((HUG))))))) for you.

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man, that is rough. I hope you can drink your favorite beverage and remember Rainie in the good times. I love you @Ridgerunner you are a really nice guy.


i’m sorry @Ridgerunner

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Just got done with covering her grave with rocks. I put her in a corner of what I consider my yard. I call it Sassafras Corner because of all the large Sassafras Trees growing there.

She was not the first, that I put to rest there.


I’m so sorry @Ridgerunner

My dog was like family. I was sick in her last few years.

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