👾 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Say anything XIX ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)


Carry on!


Am i the first one to respond… haha!!!

What are u guys upto good morning and good afternoon…!!!


I got up an hour and a half ago and I’m still the only one up. It’s nice and quiet. I should make breakfast, but I’m really not very hungry.


When I first got sick I thought someone kept moving my shoes. And when I was in the hospital it was my slippers.

My wife makes fun of me for it and swears nobody was moving my shoes.

Well now my shoes are being moved again and I know it’s my wife. I don’t find it funny. This really used to trigger me.


Just had buttered toast. I prefer my seed bread, but I ran out so I had to use Mr LED’s white bread. It wasn’t as good.


I find out if I get this house today. I hate spending money and then I would have to get ready to move. I hate moving. I have lots of junk and we would be going into a smaller house.

I almost wish the other lady would buy it. She had a contingency offer on it but has until this afternoon to remove the contingency and buy it or we go forward.


Awesome thread title! And a space invader even! :smile:


I am chilling at my house, I got a headache but it will pass. I talk to my pdoc and she said in a few years I can try going off meds. Which gives me hope for a better outcome, I just have to get use to this routine of being normal on meds and hopefully when I cut them off I will taught the coping skills required. Anyway long post… Boring… I am only aloud to make 3 post on a thread, which sucks, when you’ll make me aa member again @ninjastar ?


that’s it im going off my meds…………on that one. ninjastar. and it all your …….


I never understood you and I’m happy with that

Edit: ■■■■ now I got only one left…


We have already had this discussion.


Hey y’all :slight_smile: In my neighborhood there is one person with disabilities who has 3 cars ( two of them BMW) and he has 3 parking lots next to each other. That person must be rich but idk what disability he or she has


Lol I would like to drive 2 BMW’s and 1 Audi hahahahahaha


Taco Bell is better. No question. We are one. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about taking a nap soon just to escape this boredom. If I’m asleep I won’t be bored.

I could shower and go to the laundromat, but there’s this so-called festival going on in my neighborhood today, so the streets are all messed up and crowded with traffic, makes me not even want to drive anywhere. There’s not really anything fun at this festival, anyway, most of it is just people giving tours of their big old historic houses. It’s one of those historic neighborhoods.

Well, I need to shower at some point, didn’t do that yesterday, but I’ll probably shower a little later.


I love Taco Bell. I usually go for a beef quesarito.


My favorite thing at Taco Bell is the spicy tostada’s. Mmmmm plus they’re only $1!


I went to the Asian market today. In their international food section they had these from The Netherlands or something. Sprinkles for toast? They amused me.


I just heard the news that my aunt died. This was expected, as she was battling cancer for a very long time. I’m very sad about the news, but I’m even more anxious about going to the funeral and reception and all that with all my extended family/other people. At this point, I’ll need to borderline overdose on ativan just to make it through


I love the OP meme. Teehee.