Say Anything LXV 🤪

Sounds good!

Taco Bell is always a good treat.

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Good evening, everyone.

We got 2 feet of snow on Thanksgiving morning, at home. We shoveled the driveway which took a while. Then we made the drive to Idaho Falls for Thanksgiving dinner / to see family. It took longer than usual because of the road conditions to get here. There was no snow in Idaho Falls when we got here, but we woke up to a few inches of snow this morning.

The grandparents are doing ok. Grandma is losing her mind, though, and can’t remember much. Yesterday was a really bad day for her… and so for Grandpa, too. But Grandma is doing much better today, so everyone is happy.

Hubby and I are likely going to dinner with hubby’s uncle soon. We haven’t seen him for a couple of years.

Hope you’re all doing well. :heart:


Hi, sorry to hear your grandparents are struggling.

It sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving though.

Take care, hope you’re well also.

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I got a decent short shoot RCA digital movie camera for 20 bucks like 10 years ago. It has a slot for adding I think an XD card for media, so basically, you shoot for your battery life, lol. It takes AA batteries, lol, but we use reusable batteries so honestly little camera is worth it.

Maybe take a look at a Big Lots if you have one near you? Cause we bought ours from the now extinct Radio Shack, and whatever was left went to the vultures, lol.

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Hi everyone. I woke up early today but wasn’t feeling the greatest so I went back to bed and slept all day. So I just smoked a pipe and now I’m going to finish a movie. Have a good one.



Not only is this the time of year to shop for others it’s also a good time to shop for yourself. Its because of black Friday deals. I got Victorias secret pajamas buy one get one free. I got a pair of crocs for 40 percent off. I also got a pair of spanx leggings for 25 percent off all for myself. I still need to get my dad something. He has no idea what he wants. I still need to get a few things for my sister and brother in law. However, most of my Christmas shopping is done.


I bought a $100 printer off of Amazon for $40, one of their black Friday deals. I don’t go out to stores on black Friday, though, not worth it to me.


Yeah I bought online as well.

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I’m beautiful with make up on. Other days I look like plain Jane. I was a tomboy in my teen years.


I bet you’re beautiful anyways.


Oh cool! That RCA camera you have must have been a sweet find.

Is Big Lots like a thriftstore?

Thank you for the information!

I do browse Craigslist and thriftstores at times.


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New thread peeps.

Big Lots is a closeout item and furniture store. It’s a US store, but they have a website where you can see your nearest one.

It’s all brand new in package, but have like been discontinued by a company, like candies that flop. Does that make sense? They have food, clothes, it’s a regular discount box store.


Yes, that makes sense.

Sounds cool!

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Is it normal for there to be no Redboxes anywhere in northern California? They are all over the place in VA but I haven’t spotted a single one since moving.

I just bought a vacuum from Big Lots.

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Do I look fat?1515551515

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There aren’t as many in Oregon as there were in Indiana. I just checked and it looks like the closest one is in Sacramento, and there’s only one.

I lied. Google maps just wasn’t updating.

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Before my sz hit I was on anti depressants for a few years but before I had sz I was thinking go them for a good two years. I kept putting off going back on them even though I needed them for anxiety. I firmly believe if I went back on them earlier I wouldn’t have developed sz. They would’ve stopped me from being so isolated and afraid all the time. It’s that pressure that just kept building ip