🧟 Say Anything LX


is it that time already


It definitely is.

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In my world it’s been that time for a month now. Lol


that’s actually pretty cute

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Little LED has been into making us use tickets to do things and go places. She cut out some tickets this afternoon and told me what to write on them. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


mom cannot come with us! too bad mom, guess you’ll have to take a break.


I have to go get blood work tonight. :-1: I totally forgot. Guess I have to get dressed after all.

The wait at the lab is ridiculous. I’ve never seen this many people here! :astonished:

Hey all, wishing everyone well!

I had a nice long llama nap today, feeling pretty good. Probably won’t sleep tonight


i took the longest nap today where i kept getting hit by giant waves, it was kinda distressing

A dream or you were at the beach?

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a dream, i was just walking down a street and than giant waves were coming at me, and than a really huge one came and i was running and it hit me and i was stuck in it


Dinner tonight is fajita cauliflower rice and chicken drumsticks! Whole plate is only about 275 calories!


What’s everybody up to? I don’t feel like playing Warcraft tonight. Gonna spend some time on the forum/internet.


Watching The Last Kids on Earth with Little LED before she goes to bed. Then she friends are coming over to take some of our old furniture we just replaced.


Sounds cool. The food looks really good too. We ate at Wendy’s today after getting the two cars back from auction. My stepdad got a Jeep and a Corvette. The Corvette is a real hunk of junk but the Jeep looks promising.

I’ve never heard of that show. When my brother was a kid the Teletubbies were big.


Taking a break from the farm. I’m in Belfast with my freind we went out to a couple of pubs and went to a nightclub (I didn’t like the nightclub, too intimidating) the rest of the night was o k though. Headn down to Dublin for another night out tommorrow night (Friday) Peace and love :pizza: :spaghetti:


Ooh that sounds fun. You should party when you get the chance cuz it sounds like you work pretty hard.

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Thanks agent! Ya I don’t get out much so I’m gonna try and enjoy it! Have to limit my beers to four though! Can’t drink much with the meds! Just in the hotel now about to kip for the night! My freind met some girls and he’s still out it’s 2:44am here. Hope all is well with you! Getting closer to your move

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