Say anything here

i lost 5 pounds in 7 days with 10km walks every day and i cut all meals in half :smiley:


i take zyprexa 15mg,

anything! :stuck_out_tongue:


Tupac is still alive


I feel like a walking dead man.


the king elvis lives on :confused:


where do tears drops come from?

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I think you stole that approach from my “nice” post but it doesn’t surprise me about you.

I feel like a shell of my previous self. And I have nothing to do all day. At least I’ve been exercising.


Is that Rosanne husband? Come on he’s a family man.

■■■■ man, theres a language barrier here, i got no clue of what you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Shell yes. I have a million tears under my shell and so my foundation is sinking.

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I have no idea what you mean by this. Can you further explain?

Don’t talk to me. You’re tricky.

“Mark it zero” …

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Why do you hate me so much?

If you think that I’m working for a government agency and was sent to spy on you, I promise you that’s not the case. I’m not an undercover NSA or CIA agent sent to monitor and collect information about certain people targeted by the government. Also, I don’t live anywhere near Iowa so you shouldn’t worry about me.

I’m just a bipolar guy that likes chatting with people. Nothing more. Please go talk to you psychiatrist about your delusions. Medication would greatly help. Don’t you worry that the government might take your kids away from you if they find out that you don’t take your meds? I sincerely wish the best for you and your family.

Btw, why do you worry about being watched so much? Are you trying to hide something from the world? Doing something very illegal?

All this stuff I’ve been ignoring is piling up.


Yes I better get outta bed.

I now wear mismatched socks and mismatched shoelaces.

This is permanent. The brain thing. Its never gonna stop.

The hot water is broken so I took a cold shower, it made my blood itch for like fifteen minutes. I want to ramble about how I hate going to sleep and hate sleeping more but hate waking up the most. Isnt that a shitty deal? Like most schizers take their meds at night and then boom asleep, no mine dont sedate me that much anymore, the xanax used to now it doesnt. I have a downers, alcohol and tobacco problem. And a brain problem. The brain disease thing is some horseshit…it made the downers, alcohol & tobacco problem and the insomnia problem.

Why cant the world be like the latest Mad Max movie where I ate a lizard and then got kidnapped by a bunch of cult ■■■■■■■ (Max is actually psychotic in the new Mad Max)


:doughnut: donuts with jam in the middle…or better still custard,they are the best :smiley:
take care :alien: