Saw my pdoc today

I’ve been feeling rundown, moody, and have no energy. I don’t feel like doing anything and just want to stay in bed. My pdoc thinks it’s a physical vs mental issue, so he requested my medical records from my primary care physician, and is going to order some blood work.

It’s really nice of him to do that. With Covid19 it’s really a pain going in to see my PCP. I’m just hoping he can determine what is wrong.

I’m at my psychiatric care provider all the time, and it’s easier to see my pdoc. He’s a mile from where I live.

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I think it’s your ap blocking too much dopamine making you feel that way, try taking a ssri antidepressant and reducing your ap

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When you get older it’s good to get regular bloodwork. It really is something that helps me.

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Thanks @swordiebrom @rogueone

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