Saw my cousin for the last time today

It was his funeral today. There was an open casket and he didn’t even look real.

He’s actually my Dad’s cousin and I didn’t know him at all since he lived out of state. He had a bunch of pictures with hot girls at the funeral.

Afterward some friends of the family showed up and my Dad invited them to hang out. These are people he used to get in trouble with as a teen. Hopefully I won’t have to babysit him.

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I know what you mean about someone in an open casket not seeming real. That’s happened to me too.

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I saw my dad a few days ago stuck in sleep with his head tilted to the right. He maintained that position until he finally died Thursday. He looked at peace at the funeral home with his head facing upwards. But I still can’t forget what he looked like in the final days. It is kind of hard. My mom started crying. I started crying. I was like the only man in there crying except my brother Brian. the 33 year old half brother.

@Apathy , sorry you felt that way but I understand I felt that way at my uncle tony’s funeral. just remembering how lively he was before he got sick.

@jukebox, i’m sorry about your dad. when my grandma brown died I felt so torn. she was at peace but I wanted to talk to her one more time. I didn’t get a lot of time with her when she was sick, I was scared of her. Afraid that I will make her worse somehow. I was only 8.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m wishing you and your family the best.

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I’m sorry you lost your cousin @Apathy

I saw my grandma on an open casket too, it’s really weird. It was the last time for me, not very happy in seeing that.

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It’s all right to cry. It’s what makes us human beings.

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