Saturday Market Place

I do not have an auto, but I enjoy riding my bicycle as I did in this morning, when I visited the local market place of my little town. People were selling fishes, berries, vegetables and other products and then there were four cafes where people sat and drank coffee. And of course there was some entertainment, people singing, which was nice. If you ever come to my part of the world, Eastern Finland, remember to come to these Saturday market places, you see people, listen music and so on.


It’s 4:02AM here in Minnesota. Means the sun is coming this way :scream:

It is 12:07AM here where I am.

It’s night there??? I’m so confused.

No, it is 12:09, the mid-day, soon it will be the afternoon.

Nice. Do you live in a little cottage? That’s how I picture it.

No, I live in an apartment building in my little town. I used to live in one house in another part of the town, but then I moved here where I am now. I like riding my bicycle here and the bicycle paths are great. I visited my father today at one elderly care facility, which was nice,

Sounds great. Bike riding is fun.

I ride my bicycle 10-15 kilometers a day. It is fun, good exercising and I see people at the same time.

I use a stationary bike. Just for exercise, but I use to only have a bike as transportation. Now I got spoiled and drive everywhere, not as healthy but I don’t like biking on streets for fun…I just like to stationary and get it over with. You seem like a more peaceful chap then me.

When I ride my bicycle I see all kinds of people as I did today. I have seen this person before, but when I talked to him today, he claimed that I had borrowed money from him years ago and I should pay back this money. I do not remember borrowing any money from him. I suppose he just wanted some quick money.

Probably. Smart of you not to give him any.

Actually he is also mentally ill, but he has lost his touch with the reality. Maybe he is speaking about somebody else.

That sounds lawfully. (lovely)

I live in a tree house :girl:


Sounds like a lovely place to visit.