I like my Saturday mornings

In my little town here is always a Saturday market place where people sell their products. There is also some music and in this morning there was also an outdoor flea market where people sold their things such as mopeds and so on. These events give me a chance to meet people whom I have known over a decade and share any happenings. It just nice to ride my bicycle around the town and visit the market place seeing people whom I know. One of today’s songs was this old Russian song, Dark Eyes.


In the little towns such as mine one benefit is that you see people whom you have known for many years daily, many people whom I know ride bicycles and we see often each other.

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Funny, although we are living in Eastern Finland, we have here 4-5 Chinese restaurants, few Turkish pizza/kebab places and things like that. Just today I saw Asians, I suppose Vietnamese, selling some mushrooms in the market place.

That’s one good thing about immigration - we’re getting some dynamite food out of it.

I like Sunday mornings here in my seaside suburb of Cape Town for the same reason - there is a flea market every Sunday about 5 min walk from my house, next to the beach. It is the most cosmopolitan gathering - all races, religions and ages. I love walking around there, even if I don’t buy anything. Even my husband is convinced the clothing there is better than the retail stores!

I like Sundays here… those are more quiet.

Saturdays… hectic and busy and tourist and noise

Sundays… quiet and abandoned.

Here I am with my bicycle, I posted a photo in the same place about 1.5 years ago, time passes …

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