It is 7 AM on Sunday and I am thinking of going to ride my bicycle

I like riding my bicycle. In summers I ride a lot, well in winters roads can be icy and so not safe for bicycle riding. I probably ride today 20 km or more. I do not have a car so I need to ride my bicycle to different places such as Lidl, a grocery store in my little town. It is good exercising and I get fresh air and sometimes see people whom I know. Many people whom I know in my little town ride their bicycles or walk. Distances are not so great. Have a great day.


I went riding my bicycle, it took at least one hour, I rode from one side of my town to another and back. It was nice because the Sun was shining although there was a slight North wind, autumn is coming, I can feel it, it was just 10 C degrees. It was nice also to listen to the church bells ringing, at this time it was the Eastern Orthodox church, I also met few people whom I know, some rode their bicycles and one was going to a store. It was a nice Sunday morning here in Eastern Finland.

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I went on a bike ride too, this was after abstaining from tobacco for several days. My ride was so much more enjoyable and easier due to not smoking for awhile. I typically ride anywhere from 6 miles all the way up to 28 miles.

Did you feel better after your ride? I always am in a much better mood and happier after I get cardio.

Yes, I feel good after riding my bicycle. Somehow I am more energized. I have not had any nicotine since the last weekend and I am happy I have been able to give it up. When I ride my bicycle, I am happy to see some people whom I know.

I have been in my little town now over 14 years and I have been riding my bicycle this time. Well, I have had to change bicycles sometimes. I used to live in one house on another side of the town and then I often timed how fast I was able to ride my bicycle to the center of the town and back.

Very cool! keep it up!