ProFrontal - Less is Better


I’ve been experimenting with the supplement ProFrontal for a few months now and had good results up until recently when it seemed to stop working. I had been taking 2x the suggested dose since I thought only 1g of sarcosine and NAC wasn’t enough. However I dropped my dose down to half and it works great now! For some reason there is something about 1g sarcosine + 1g NAC that causes a synergistic effect, too much makes things worse. If you try this and it works let me know, it seems be working better and better now that it builds up in my system now.


i will have to try that. have you tried the strategy of switching from d-serine to profrontal and back to d-serine?


I haven’t tried switching to d-serine just because the ProFrontal seems to be working very well now.I actually discovered that taking 1g sarcosine and 1g NAC as recommended is too little and doesn’t work after awhile while taking double (2g sarcosine and 2g NAC) is too much and overloads my system and doesn’t work either, but if I take 1.5g sarcosine and 1.5g NAC (3 pills each) it works great!


I will have 2 try that. How long have you been taking it?


I took 3 pills each for a few weeks now and I actually dropped back down to 1g sarcosine and 1g NAC after it stopped working, apparently the 3 pills each was too much. The 1g of each is working great now, there seems to be a delicate balacing act between too much and too little, you just have to find what dosage works best for you. I was taking L-Theanine with the ProFrontal for awhile but eventually that stopped working too so I stopped taking that.


I recently switched my medicine something with a lower dose. Also i have been taking the profrontal every day for about a month and a half to two m onth.s Symptoms about 50 to 75% gone. Much more managable now. Not sure what is helping. All i know is if your having severe symptoms consider lowering the dose or switching antipsychotics. I was on the 234 mg shot of invega monthly which was the max dose, so the could’ve been causing some issues.


I’ve been taking ProFrontal for about 2 months now and my symptoms are all noticeably better, however it seems nearly impossible to nail down a correct dose that works consistently. If I take 1g sarcosine and 1g NAC as recommended that works well for awhile but it eventually stops and I have to go up to double that to get it to work again, that works for awhile but eventually it builds up in my system and that becomes too much and I have to go back down then. I’ve tried 1.5g sarcosine and 1.5g NAC hoping that would solve the problem but that stops working too. Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s working or not, I just have to wait for some of my symptoms to change. It’s a constant guessing game, when I wake up in the morning I have no idea whether the medication is going to work today or not .


I’ve continued to take it as well. I notice about a 50% improvement compared to the 100% percent or higher improvement usually. This could be due to the lower dosage of my antipsychotic though. Also I have only been taking 1mg each a day due to the fact that I can’t afford more profrontal at the moment. Which would probably explain the lessened effect.
It is managable at the moment.


I have never tried ProFrontal I did an extensive research that sarcosine is helping a lot of people. Some people tried beta_alanine during their treatment too. It is also good to take Hawaian Spirulina 2.5 hrs after Profrontal. Do the heavy metal detox…and Melatonine before night