Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia

I just ordered some more profrontal. It’s getting expensive so I may buy the ingredients separately from Amazon from now on.

Just received my sarcosine from brainVitaminz, I will let u guys know how it goes

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My daughter is taking Methylaid ,NAC (1200 a day) and Picamilon (200mg). Would it be safe to add the Sarcosine? She has all the negative symptoms still. Risperidone seems to help with the positive symptoms

The research shows safety with regard to taking sarcosine with antipsychotic medications (see study below - just one of many) - and I haven’t heard of any studies showing supplements like NAC having anything but positive impact when mixed with sarcosine. The other supplements your daughter takes are less common - so the only thing you can do is try, and if there are any negative reactions then phase down one of the supplements. Many other people here talk with their doctors and share the research with them.

Sarcosine is a safe compound and might be efficacious in the treatment of schizophrenia.”


The Sarcosine I bought from BrainVitaminz and Profrontal have different effects. BrainVitaminz dissolves immediately in water whereas opening up a Profrontal capsule and placing it in water doesn’t cause the contents to dissolve. I can be hypersensitive to meds so you might want to take a higher dose than me. I probably get as much of a boost from a small cup of tea as many would from a medium sized cup of coffee. That said, what people are saying about the half life of sarcosine really matches my experience with BrainVitaminz, which takes effect immediately and (at half a gram) causes me to go within about 4 hours from very talkative to unresponsive (worse than before). Profrontal doesn’t seem to work immediately but over the course of the day I will notice myself getting better than before. I am hopeful that it is longer lasting and effective over the long term. What seems to work best for now (can’t explain the science behind it) is taking a Profrontal 1g pill in the morning and taking “swigs” of small amounts of BrainVitaminz at times of the day when you need a little more.
I also want to place NAC on the table as an option. 1g really does have some positive effect on motivation that is longer lasting but it also can have some scary side effects such as causing you to bleed profusely which happened when I took a pill, then visited my dentist without telling him… >.> your call.

Augmentation with sarcosine had no effect on any of the analyzed cardiometabolic parameters.

Also, augmentation with sarcosine had no effect on any of the analyzed body composition parameters.

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How often should I take this? I tried every morning 0.25 scoop but today I experienced such a mood swing at 2 pm, it was devastating, I wonder if it was from sarcosine?

I guess when it is proven scientifically ther wont be a need for any speculation.who should i keep track of eg. Science,general news,pyhyciatric community to see if this becomes aproven fact in phyciatric medicine

You’re only taking 1/4 of a gram? Is that what you’re saying? Just once in the morning and thats it?

I think they usually recommend starting at 1 gram a day and then phasing up to 4 grams over a few weeks time to find out what works best for you Many people here seem to do half their dose in the morning and half afternoon for good results.

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Maybe I’ll give it a more consistent try. I still have lots left

Been on sarcosine a couple of months. I’ve noticed mild improvement at best. Seems to help slightly with memory. I feel like I benefit more from NAC as it reduces anxiety.

I’m thinking of upping my sarcosine to 3 g per day. 4 g seems a bit much.

Is it ok to take this supplement with a monthly shot of Invega Sustenna? I’m thinking of checking into this for my paranoid Sz son. And so it supposedly helps with the negative symptoms?

Yes - the only medication that the research identifies as sarcosine not being compatible with (not because there is a problem, just because it shows no additive affect) is clozapine.

Yes - the research suggests that for many people it helps with negative symptoms. Read more here:

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What about for a person who does not suffer from a mental illness? I’m asking for myself because I seem to be a bit unmotivated, unfocused and sometimes very depressed! I think it’s just that I worry about everyone and find the need to always be “fixing” my kids when they have troubles. My son is Sz so I would want it for him, but how about for his menopausal mother? I am taking Wellbutrin for anxiety and depression. Much of my depression is directly related to my son’s diagnosis because I’m not generally a depressed person, never suicidal, just sometimes extremely blue and crying a lot (the Wellbutrin has almost stopped the tears completely. Would this supplement maybe make me feel happier and more motivated?

Research suggests it might.

Substances regulating activation/inhibition of the NMDA receptor have been investigated in schizophrenia and major depression and are promising in therapeutic approaches of negative symptoms, cognition, and mood.

And okay to take with Wellbutrin and Klonopin (I forgot to mention that)?

They have done studies where the people are already on antidepressants (not specifically Wellbutrin, or Klonapin) and since the Sarcosine targets a different brain receptor there has not been an issue - though they did reduce the amount of the medications they were using.

See this study:


Sarcosine has revolutionized my mental health as a former daily voice hearer to pretty much normal from day one. True story. However I have chest pains, from day one. So maybe it’s all too good to be true. The discomfort, sometimes ache/stabbing/tension is in the left side middleish pectoral region & made worse by being hyper vigilant with the worry of heart problems. My sarcosine is from Smart Powders, but I am seriously thinking of discontinuing my daily morning 1 x teaspoon dose. Hobsons’ Choice anyone?!?

I take 600mg Amisulpride
40mg Prozac
20mg Olanzapine

That sounds like Anxiety issues. Perhaps take half as much? Or try other suppliers to see if its an issue with the supplier.

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