Sarcosine + NAC vs Sarcosine alone vs Not supplements at all

I have read a lot about the negative and cognitive symptoms in SZ. No currently medication are approved for the treatment of that domain of symptomatology. Alpha-7 nicotinic receptor agonists or partial agonist are under investigation at the time I am writing this, but the results found are far to be conclusive and in any case difficult to maintain due to receptor sensitization and tachyphylaxis. NMDAR co-agonists, Ampakines, could theoretically help with the NMDA dysfunction, that is suspected to be the primary cause of the main SZ syndrome. Ampakines have lack of results. Many other RCT’s have been conducted, including those with the co-agonists D-serine, Glicine and the glycine reuptake inhibitor Sarcosine. Many meta-analysis and reviews have been done, yielding yet conflicting results. Some found sarcosine to be effective as regarding negative symptoms but no cognitive. This is the
more recent meta-analysis I have been found. (copy and paste the link without the dot:
The authors conclude: “Our meta-analysis revealed no significant effect of NMDA-enhancing agents on overall cognition. However, subgroup analysis suggested that NMDAR-enhancing agents may benefit young patients with schizophrenia, and NAC may have an effect on working memory. Additional trials with larger samples are suggested to evaluate these cognitive domains and ascertain the possible mechanisms.” So, at this point, we don’t know what to expect. I have been reading personal experiences taking sarcosine in this forum but I fail to draw a conclusion: some of you have worsen your overall symptoms while others find some mild effects on your negative domain even cognition. So my question is simple: At this point, would you recommend taking sarcosine? Do you have any RCT supporting the positive synergic action of sarcosine + NAC? If the answer is yes, what dose is more appropriate? I am deciding whether to take sarcosine + NAC or not, and the fundamental cons I found is that: 1) Its so expensive for me, as 3 months of profrontal (Sarcosine + NAC) costs 135$. 2) I am afraid of worsening my symptoms. I read some bad reviews in other threads in this forum.

Sarcosine gave me headaches and NAC made me itchy all day. I tried Lion’s Mane too, didn’t help negatives. I don’t think there is a magic treatment for negatives except that some antipsychotics cause more negative symptoms than others maybe.

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Sarcosine + NAC is the best for me, I take 2g of sarcosine and 1.2 of NAC.

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I am taking Sarcosine+Glycine+L-Serine+Sodium Benzoate+NAC

If I remember right you don’t need Glycine if you take already Sarcosine.

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