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I’m considering giving sarcosine a try, along with the Abilify, niacin, and vitamin D3 that I take now, to see if I might have any success with it as a treatment to boost my energy, boost my concentration, and reduce the severity of my hypersomnia. Is there anybody here who has experience with taking sarcosine alongside an antipsychotic, or even as a stand-alone treatment? Could you comment on how sarcosine affected your energy and concentration? Thanks for reading.

I had tried sarcosine along with Invega last year. But I had not noticed any improvement in energy and concentration. On the contrary I got insomnia from this supplement. So I stopped taking it after two months.

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Sarcosine probably won’t help you with energy or reduce hypersomnia but it will probably help with your positive and negative symptoms, I’ve been taking it for a month or so now and it’s worked great and is still improving more the more I take it. It might help with your concentration too. I’ve been taking it along with clozapine which is supposed to cancel out the sarcosine and vice-versa, if I don’t take the clozapine one day the sarcosine works alot better. You should be just fine combining it with any antipsychotic except clozapine. I take a product called ProFrontal which is sarcosine + N-Acetyl-Cystine and it works great, you can buy it at .

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