Man sarcosine is good

Took half a gram. This is my first dose. Feel great. Tastes ok too.


I’m really tempted to try it, but I’ve bee put off by the (really tenuous) link to prostate cancer.

Sarcosine is being investigated for its connection to prostate cancer. It may be a biomarker for prostate cancer, which means that if sarcosine levels in the blood are higher than normal, it could be an indicator of prostate cancer. This doesn’t mean that sarcosine itself causes cancer. More research is needed to confirm this relationship.

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Sarcosine is helping me too for the moment, i have stopped Seroquel XR for 2 weeks now and i sleep well on it and it makes me relax, only taking it for a week

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When i mix a gram with 1/3 litre coconut water i only taste the coconut water and not the sarcosine
I dislike the taste of sarcosine

What does it do exactly

and see this poll on how / if it helps people:

u shouldnt feel it after just 1 dose, probably placebo at this point

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Take it after you wake up or at night?

i did it made me really stressed like i was thinking too many thoughts. but in a way it felt reassuring like my brain was actually functioning

It had a nearly miraculous effect on my negative symptoms, I second that! You might want to consider taking L-Theanine along with it, it is completely harmless but it amplifies the effect, it converts into glycine in the brain in the same way sarcosine increases it.

Want to take sarcosine too. Bought some but forgot where I put it. It was a while ago when it came thru the mail. I wasn’t consistent enough. Will try again.

be carefull combining those too anyway

I’ve got sarcosine in the cupboard , I’ve tried it now and then. The thing is I can’t feel the effects of anything I take because abilify inhibits everything and whatever I take has no effect on me. Even though I’ve been off abilify for nearly 2 years, I still can’t feel any effects of anything I put in my belly still. I would like to know what effects sarcosine has on me. Guess I’ll have to wait for abilify to wear off.

Abilify clears from the system after a maximum of a couple of weeks. It has a "biological half life of 75 hours. That means that 50% of the compound is flushed from your system every 75 hours.

does sarcosine and abilify mix well?

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There is no research that suggests any problems with sarcosine and any antipsychotics.

The only antipsychotic that sarcosine has shown no additional benefit was with Clozapine - and that was because (the researchers hypothesize) that the sarcosine targets some of the same brain receptors that clozapine targets.

Yes, i am on the depot of abilify 400 mg and it’s going ok with Sarcosine
i think i need to increase my dose tho like Pixel told me. 0.5 might be too low for me

just do me a favor dont combine it with Seroquel or Seroquel XR (can be dangerous)

I would like to buy sarosine for my son to try. I want to get a good product. Can someone lead me to one. Thanks

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Go for it…!!!

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I dont like a company that I cant contact by phone. Im skepical. If you can share your experience, that will help, and are you under dr. supervision for sarosine

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