I'm gonna go down the sarcosine route

I’ve hemmed and hawed on this sarcosine stuff for some time. Honestly, if @velociraptor hadn’t recommended it, I wouldn’t give it much credence. That’s not a jab at anyone, I just trust @velociraptor more than the average user. Having said that, when I get paid on Tuesday, I’m gonna order a batch from brainvitaminz. We’ll see what happens.


good luck! I started at near 2 g right away, it did kind of give me a tummy ache at first, but I started eating when I drank my sarcosine-laced tea and now I’m fine.

Been drawing for an hour straight these days! Couldn’t draw before, too little motivation, too little patience.

Update forum on how sarcosine is working for you!


I’m very concerned that Sarcosine will make me Manic.

Too many meds/supplements have destabilized me in this way.

I have been using sarcosine for a week in a half, or so, and it has made a big difference in my negative symptoms. I am taking 2 grams a day. I think it is a good idea for anybody with negative symptoms to try. @Wave it is possible it could make you manic, but you could start at a very low dose, like .5 grams a day and slowly titrate up.

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Yeah I guess I can try that, but I’m too much of a chicken ■■■■ - I really don’t want to flirt with Mania, it could land me in the Hospital.

Is funny. I had good results with glycine (50-60g a day) but not with sarcosine.

Keep us posted. I am considering it.