Sarcosine 3g a day

I take olanzapine 10mg dalily.
And I tried sarcosine for 2 months. It works for me very much.
So I will try sarcosine 3g per day. But I wonder the dosage is too much for me.
So I want expriences of others who take sarcosine 3g per day.
I want your advices.

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Did you try sarcosine thread?

What is sarcosine thread?

There is post thread by admin on this forum about sarcosine.

I thought the recommended dose was 2 grams a day? 1 gram for some people.

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3 grams might be overdoing it based on this pages advice.

I take 1 gram per day. I’ve noticed that it does help my negative symptoms, a bit.

I would like to try sarcosine from brain vitamins again. I suspect being on too large amount of antipsychotics as the reason why that sarcosine didn’t work on my negatives and cognition