Sarcosin Not Working?


So I purchased sarcosine couple weeks ago. When I first took it, I felt so euphoric and happy. The second day, I didn’t feel that feeling. For about a week I felt calmer. Now, I’m not sure it’s working. I don’t know if I’m still feeling calm.

I originally wanted it for motivation, which I haven’t felt.

Should I give it more time to take effect? Your thoughts?


Maybe you have to raise the amount a little?
I don’t know.


I have been taking sarcosine one year almost. 4 mg a day in 2 doses and it has helped with my energy and motivation but you have to keep it up and take it every day. it took me a few months to notice a difference and even longer to see full effects


Oh okay so I should probably keep taking it then. Thanks


where did you get it from? I was told some places might not be legit but is meant to be good