Saphris? new med i was put on

Any been put on this yet…its a place under your tongue and let it dissolve. Of course the flavor is black cherry and sarcastically lives up to it…it was so delicious i purged my stomach twice. My tongues numb and im not alowed to wash away this wonderful mixture of bile and black death i mean cherry for 10 minutes…oh and the best part it will cost me 230$ until my insurance runs out after that it will be 850$ a month…

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Why drugs are so expensive in the us…???:smoking:

I hope this works for you. I wish medicine wasn’t so expensive in the USA. I’m in Australia and you’d choke if I told you how little it costs here.

I didn’t have a good experience on saphris at all and asked to be taken off it about five days into treatment.

It does taste awful too doesn’t it? My tongue lost taste for about a week even after I stopped taking it. The taste is not why I asked to be taken off though.

It’s an awesome drug, but never get the plain ones. Talk about disgusting. Seriously though it worked great for me and helped me sleep. I had to stop taking it though because I gained 30lbs in one month. Just watch your weight. :sunny:

I tried again and puked again…i feel more level today…i also got valums and sleeping meds and gabapentin so far it seems ok im actualy optimustic about this combo of drugs… My diagnoses has now been put in limbo…it was full sz…now its possible sza with DID elements…but its not set in stone…does anyone else have this combo of crap? My doc said she needs more info to be certain but thats alot of ■■■■ to deal with…sz elements bi polar elements and DID elements…

That’s a lot to deal with. I hope you are doing ok.

I’m rooting for you, hopefully everything will turn out good.

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I appreciate all the support and love…day 1 seems pretty good…

I hope the meds starting working out for you. That is really expensive for drugs. Is there anyway it can be paid for under the Affordable care act? 850 a month is ridiculous!

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