Saner than thou


First off you have no idea how long i have been stable for. So do not form the wrong opinion on anyone. We are here to help each other in the same boat. Some people on here think they wrote the DSM themselves how lousy an attitude. Judge not lest ye be judged first. And I am not judging anybody.

I am not saying I am more competent than anyone here we all had our struggles so do not be judgemental. How about u judge your own reality and not someone elses for a change. Bon Voyage


sorry someone upset you you can always pm schiz admin and report if someones being abusive tc


Blaming other people can distract a person from his own shortcomings. We all judge too much.


That is so true. hard core proponents of secular psychiatry almost have a fundamentalist religious ferver in judging anything that doesn’t fit into their doctrinal box. In fact in the 1980s I read and saw many messages and programs calling modern psychiatry a new religion.

Experiences are individual so what may be real to one person is a hallucination to another, and there is the copycat game…we have real unexplained phenomenon, quantum realities, spirit manifestation that is real, while at the same time a person can hallucinate very similar things.
that is where discernment must come in and we must learn to differentiate between real experience and false.

But to judge someone because they report seeing or hearing this or that, automatically saying they are sick, delusional, need help, etc, is going about it the wrong way.
If visions and voices are actually guiding someone into positive things, they are not distraught or disabled by them, and in fact are helped and healed by them at times, what is the harm? Why on earth should such a person experiencing positive manifestations go to doctors or take pills or shots?