Sahaja yoga, sarcosine and improvement for SZ

I suffered from poor concentration, mild depression and anxiety, morning sedation. In order to be normal in cognitive ability and socialization, I have tried sarcosine, Branched chain amino acid, Goji berry, but none of them worked for me as either it caused more anxiety to my body or it showed nothing good or bad…Now I encountered Sahaja Yoga by chance and tried it with hope. It turned out very good !!!

The first day was bad , as my brain got too excited after practiced Sahaja yoga meditation. I could not fell asleep and woke up early.

The second day was so-so , actually nothing happened , also I adjusted the meditation method from concentrating on top of head to concentrating on nose by counting breath…

The third day was good as my left side of body (some parts such as the skin of left head, left breast) started itching and aching, but very comfortable or relieving), and I fell asleep easily. felt unprecedentedly refreshed when woke up in the morning, felt a good concentration when doing reading and writing. For the first day in two years I did not need the help of caffeine for concentration;

The forth day was brilliant, as I had a sound sleep which was not interrupted by waking up in the early morning, also I felt calm and concentrated when doing reading and writing, not having tea or coffee during the day;

I would keep trying Sahaja yoga. So far so good. It is better than sarcosine.

Anybody who is interested in sahaja yoga can search on internet for the local branch in your city. It is free of charge worldwide. And remember to make a bit change to the method of sahaja style meditating: counting your breath rather than concentrating on the top of head.


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I looked it up seems like its just a form of meditation, I also find comfort in meditating - but I do Mindfullness, Zazen, or Vipassana.

Keep doing it if it helps you :).

you r right, Opus, Sahaja yoga IS a form of meditation, however it takes effect much faster than other type of meditation. So I’d like to recommend it to everyone who wants to improve concentration and depression.

Thanks for your respond.