Sahajia Yoga and how to heal depression

Over the past months I have been exploring Sahaja Yoga. Very excited by it. Sahaja yoga has more than a hundred branches all over the world, and it’s all for free because it’s founder Madam Shri Mataji set it free of charge for all members. In Australia, there are Sahaja Yoga centers in Melbourne, and 6 suburbs in Sydney, also in Newcastle, where people gathered for teaching and practice Yoga meditation.

Sahaja Yoga is based on our subtle nervous system. The dormant primordial energy is present in every individual in three and a half coils in the triangular bone called “sacrum”- The Kundalini, at the base of the spine. When this gets activated on doing Sahaj Yoga, it ascends and activates one’s six subtle chakaras and piercing through Brahmarandhra, it unites with the all pervading cosmic energy."And with this actualisation in the limbic area of the brain, subtle cool vibrations start flowing from both palms and the top of the head. In this vibratory awareness, while one can feel what chakaras are blocked, on the other side one can work out the correction of these chakaras to cure different diseases.

I talked to a lot of people who have practiced Sahaja Yoga for 3-6 years. They told me this yoga has changed their life, because they become much more happy, calm and focused. some of them had depression before they started yoga, but now the depressions are gone without medication. And more importantly they found friends at the Yoga centers while practicing yoga together like brothers and sisters.


that’s exciting, green6…I really, really really need to get out my yoga DVD …trying to get a week of non smoking before I change my routine, but now is probably a better time than later…thank you for the inspiring post !