Safe to eat Romain lettuce again

Just heard the news were good to go again.

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No thanks…


There’s been too many scares with it. I’m not sure I’ll ever buy it again.


Well it’s a good thing we all romaine-d calm


How would Romaine get salmonella?

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I’ve read it is from human fecal matter was being used in some places

Hey. I’m ok with horse manure but not human poop!!

Wasnt aware there was an issue :o its all good iceberg is better anyways :stuck_out_tongue: atleast on burgers

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Lol you are cleaver XD someones puns are on point :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahahaha, you’re the best. :joy:


As long as you know where it’s from, they mentioned you should stay avoid it if it came from California. But how do you know where it’s from? Do you go up to the lettuce and ask it? Excuse me but where did you come from? I know lettuce comes in heads, but they don’t talk…at least not supposed. Your grocer might know where it came from I guess…

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I like arugula and spinach. Arugula is great for weightlifting. It produces nitrous oxide when it breaks down in your body. And I like how it tastes. And spinach is great raw in a salad. I like the texture and mouth feel of raw spinach.


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lettuce pray for those who died
not to make light of a bad situation or anything lol


well you were on a roll there for a while…I didn’t like your last joke at all.

sorry to dissapoint,
was it in bad taste?

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