Raw meat is so good haha

I eat raw meat most days! Raw beef patty and a salad!

I am arab we eat raw meat, its called kebbe naye but its a different type of beef meat than ground beef. We eat it with scrambled eggs:


You get parasites from that. 20% of SZ cases are from parasites even.

Can’t that lead to food poisoning ?

Looks delicious!

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I’ve been eating it for years I’m healthy

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Then lots of arabs should be schizophrenic which is not true.


No because they check and test the quality of meat.


California has strict regulations I don’t know about other places. I buy quality meat from quality stores

Yes, but @matthewj isn’t doing that.

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There are countries that eat their meat raw like Japanese eat raw chicken. The meat is a lot healthier in other countries because they’re not doing to the animals what we here in America do. None of American meat should ever be eaten raw.


I buy from a quality grocery chain in San Francisco it’s fine I never even had a stomach ache

I once had raw beef chunks with my dinner. It took absolutely forever to chew it down.

This is when I was going through some ultra weird food phases.

In the UK people generally don’t eat raw beef chunks

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Ok it’s noon I’m going to the store for a quarter pound of raw beer right now and a spinach salad

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Like @Aziz said, if you are going to eat raw meat, you want to go to a reputable butcher and tell them you plan to eat the meat raw. They will give you the high quality stuff. It is like the difference between eating raw fish from a market and sushi. There are different standards the meat has to be held to if it is going to be eaten raw.


You can get really sick eating raw meat.
My father contacts a butcher the night before Christmas Eve to order raw meat to be served on Christmas Eve.

Make sure the meat is of the highest quality.


Hmmm maybe I should stop my mom just told me it has a lot of saturated fat

I don’t wanna get fat!

The meat we use has almost no fat, its extra lean.


I also enjoy eating raw salmon especially smoked. Raw smoked Sockeye salmon is too expensive though here, almost 50$/kg.