Sadness or negativity?

Hey, guys!

Sometimes I read some messages here in the forum and they make me want to help people. But today I’m reading some messages and they get me down. It seems that my mind changes from a place of positivity to a place of negativity. I can’t accept it for myself. I was doing good, studying a lot, doing exercises and being very positive. But I have fear that I won’t do it. I don’t know if I’m sad or if I’m in a negative spiral. I always believed that I need to be a fighter.

I didn’t talk to a lot of people today. Some parents come home today and I stayed in silence. I didn’t want to talk. And then I got down and down. I felt some anger today as well. It’s mix of emotions. Fear, sadness and anger…

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sadness and negativity can get to me too. usually some activities or habits can grow those feelings within me. in the past, one was watching pr0n. another one was frequenting dating sites. when i stopped those activities, i felt a lot better.


Hey @brugluiz!

Pick them fighting gloves back up an punch that sadness/negativity right in the nose, and every time it gets back up.
There is only room in this head for being positive!

Pick yourself up out of that negative spiral, and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Hope this helps, I’m rooting for ya’ to win!


I notice I’ll linger here when I’m feeling self-pity and of course that makes it worse. Best to stay away when it would only reinforce what you’re feeling or notice who’s wallowing in it and to recognize that some of the joking and humor in the lounge is just a blind for it.

Hey, thanks, @Csummers!

I’ll reread your post tomorrow when I wake up.
Very positive message.

Thank you!

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Bad habits make us feel worse. I broke with my diet today and it made me sad. But I’ll stay on my feet
again and I’ll keep fighting.


Sometimes I will meet the same situation as you are. It’s a negativity way to keep silence and refuse to communicate with others. What We have to do is a positive response to it. I hope I can solve this problem on day.

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