Internet drama for the bored here

Just had a conversation with a potential date and they started getting moody and bitchy with me. I told her she was being vague then she said some mean things and i havent bothered to respond to them. Yeah, im just gonna walk away from this. I have enough people to talk too these days. She can go stew in her emotions by herself.

Who knew that you could go from “hey there😊” to calling someone son in a condescending way. She can get lost with her pretentious book lol

Internet drama here :joy: i swear, i need to spend more time outside now or something. This got to me.


If she’s been hurt before, maybe ask her that?
I’m usually up front about being inconsistent. It still confuses the men im dating.

I’m not judging, just trying to help. I’ll support you in whatever you decide to do. Take care

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Eh, i dont want to talk with someone that starts name calling the minute something bad happens. Besides, she probably has tons of people orbiting her since its a dating app. Theres plenty of other people for me too meet.

Shes been sending me messages non stop calling me a ■■■■ boy and the like lmao. I might throw some gas on the fire and make her go ballistic then block her.

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It’s fun, but not worth the effort. Put that energy into finding someone better.



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