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Hello ladies and gents,

I’ve been hiding from the cops for two weeks now. They want to hospitalize me (for whatever reason).

I finally let my case manager in my place, and she gave me paperwork saying I have court tomorrow. Yikes!

Now what am I having to go to court for? I wasn’t feeling too hot so I forgot to ask my case manager. I tried calling my attorney, but he was gone for the day.

I read in the paperwork that they want to put me in a long term facility (!). Now does that mean I lose my disability? And how long is a long term stay?

I’m freaking out so much, I don’t know if I’m even going to go. That way I can continue hiding. But I’m running out of meds soon.

I felt so bad my case manager cried today for me because I felt suicidal.

I don’t know, I’m sorry for posting about my problems again.

no, you would not lose your disability, you submit on a contract that you pay them your check, or most of it for your staying there…

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Okay, thank you very much for the information about that! Do you know if they’ll take my rent into consideration? Like they won’t take it all because they know I have to keep my apartment?

Take care!

You’ve been hiding from the cops for two weeks…in your place? While I respect the police, the ones in your area must be pretty dumb to have not found you…in your place.

In my area you would have to be committed for three days into a local hospital. Then have a trial and be committed for another 10 days. Then again for like 20 more days. Another order would be for 180 days. They wouldn’t just take you off the streets and put you in long term, it just wouldn’t happen.

I’m not saying you’re lying, but based upon what you’ve written your story doesn’t sound legit.

As for disability, you won’t get it during a stay in a long term facility if you’re there more than three months. If you were sent to the state hospital in my area then you’d most likely be looking at six months to three years.

Also, if your case manager knows where you are and you are being sought by the police because you are in danger of hurting yourself, and she doesn’t report your location then she should be fired.

Thank you dearly Malvok for the reply!

Yes, I’ve been hiding for two weeks, but for one week I was six hours away, staying at a friends house, and for the other week, I’ve been gone for most of the day (Jogging in the woods and playing tennis). But yeah, I think they’re pretty dumb. Or they just gave up.

Interesting about being committed in your area. Thanks for your response in that! I’m looking at the paperwork right now that my doctor filled out that says “Sam needs to be admitted into a long-term facility”. Under where it says “plan”. It also says the individual would be taken to the local hospital pending the hearing though.

I hope they let me keep some money to pay rent with, my housemate can’t take on all the bills himself!

And that sure is a long time, a very long stay. I’m scared.

Thank you again, and take care.

Oh my goodness my problem i had in court today seems so little in comparison,
They didn’t address the more pressing issue i had acquired, -so i was like “hell yea”-
Didn’t work out even though it did go as i envisioned it going. Mundane.
-my mom called the people in court scraggly-

Anyway, i’ll probably get a shitty probation officer.

Hiding from the police, i don’t want to be an enabler but sounds romantic, and just a little fun.

Not the p word. My delusions usually involve :oncoming_police_car: :police_car: :running:

Sorry to hear you got in the scramblez a bit… but it sounds like things turned out decent.

Running from the cops, yes, a little bit of fun here, teehee, but tiring after a while, hah.

Take care!

Pesky delusions… and more so pesky cops!! :smiley:

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Have you thought this through?You can’t hide forever. I doubt they will let this matter drop. Eventually they will find you. It might be making your situation worse to be evading the cops.They don’t like that.They don’t want to waste time looking for an ill person, but their job is to find you.

Just some things to consider. You are probably pissing off the people who can’t find you. They might even make your situation harder when they find you for pissing them off. You MIGHT find yourself facing criminal charges if you’re not careful. And mentally ill people are fair game to the predators in jail. It’s not a game.


Most cops are college graduates and most become streetwise FAST on the job. Don’t count on them being dumb.

Don’t feel bad about posting your problems here. It’s whats EVERYBODY here does.


Thanks Nick for your replies!

I’m talking all this crazy talk about evading the cops, and how I will hide forever, but I’m just telling myself tomorrow I’m going to turn myself in, and then the next day and the next and so forth. I just don’t have enough courage to do it.

I really hope I don’t piss the cops off, one of them is my friend.

And one minute I’m ready to go to court tomorrow, the next I’m planning how I’m going to skip it.

So conflicting!!!

I would just go and get it over with. Surrender to the inevitable, right? Just give yourself 24 hours to psyche yourself up and then turn yourself in. Have someone go with you to bolster your courage. Life is a series of things you really don’t want to do. As an adult you have to bite the bullet and do unpleasant things. That’s just the way things are. Like Nike says :Just do it. If you are able to play tennis then you can take a trip to the courtroom. Good luck. I survived 8 months locked up in a psychiatric hospital. 8 months of misery.But I came out the other end, and now thirty years later I can see it was a necessary part of my journey to recovery. But I hated every minute of it. You can’t control everything, there are things that are bigger than you.

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You’re right Nick, I have to go to court, I will do this! I will stand up for myself, will speak up, will try to at least. Thanks for talking me into this, I won’t cower out. Kudos for staying that long in the ward, but you really don’t have a choice (for the most part). All up to the doctor. I will let the tossers put me in handcuffs and take me away, whatever, I will get this all behind me. Bite the bullet, yes. Will pace the floors like I always do, for however long they keep me. This will muck up schooling for me if they send me to a long term place. Oh well, got to please the big man in the chair, right? Sickening. I’ll grow out a big bushy beard and that’s wrong, because I’m a female. Yes, many months of misery, well put.

Thank you.

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You probably should go turn yourself in. You don’t want to waste use of police resources that they could be using for crimes and such. And sooner or later they will probably track you down anyway, so you mise as well go. But first, go out to a restaurant and have a nice dinner, have a mug of your favourite coffee and spend some time outside, roast some hot dogs and marshmallows on a fire. Then go turn yourself in.


If you have court then should go…having a hospital order is one thing, but you dont want a fail to appear. they will pit a warrant then and probably will come get you, plus it will look worse.
I don’t see how they can put you in Long term right away like Malvok said. there has to be some sort of evaluation and observation period, then they determine to either let you out or apply to the court for a longer stay.


I didn’t know you were a female. No matter. You can always go back to school in the future. Heck, I started college in 1984 and I’m just finishing up now at age 53!! Don’t expect a long-term hospital to be fun. There’s things to do in there but it’s mostly boring.The hospital I was in had over a hundred people.We all ate meals together in the cafeteria every day. I ate ALONE for the majority of the time. Maybe three times someone tried to sit by me. That was my life in the hospital, a loner.
Like I said, there’s a lot you can’t control. But you put in the footwork now, pay your dues, put up with all kinds of crap and hope it pays off in the future. I suffered for two and half years straight when I first got sick. For two and a half years I had no money, no friends, no car, no independence, no sanity, no girlfriend, no school. I was nothing, I was adrift in the mental health system and in life. My life consisted of fighting for my sanity 14 hours a day. I made the rounds of the hospitals and group homes. NOW, I live in my own apartment, I own my car, I take online college classes, I work part-time, and visit my family. I believe you must have potential. I wish you good luck.


You’re right, I really don’t want to use up police resources, not at all. I think I will apologize to the cops when I see them. Hopefully they will understand I was just scared, and not trying to be a delinquent or what have you.

Great idea about going out to dinner and having coffee and stuff! Will have to do something special, maybe go swinging on the swings. Yep, there it is :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Thank you so much, It’s so good to hear from a second person that they can’t put me in long term right away! I wonder why the doctor wrote it on the paperwork?

My case manager actually said I didn’t have to go to court if I didn’t want to, but now I’m ready to take charge and speak up for myself! I’m an eager beaver to go to that court room, yes indeed.


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