Are Hospitals Scary?

I have a complete fear of hospitals. Each time I went as a youth it was extremely terrifying. I had a huge disagreement over needing treatment. Things have a way of catching up to you.

It’s been over one week of taking the Invega. I’m beginning to hear voices for the first time in over one year’s time.

I requested being taken off AP’s and put on something for anxiety. I am not handling it well because I don’t hear voices, but when I started taking it I heard a voice that said “you’ll take it and it will seem fine then one day you’ll miss a dose or forget and go crazy”. That’s what the voice said. I feel more zoned in. My vision is a bit blurry. I sense that it’s inducing more psychotic symptoms.

Should I go back to Abilify or stop taking it or what? I don’t think it’s helping, but made me euphoric a few times and IDK why.

Invega is stronger than abilify in effect. I think you should keep taking invega for at least one month to see if the voice will go away. After all, living with voice isn’t a nice thing.

Hospital isn’t a nice place to stay, but it is better than living with psychosis. The important thing is how to build conversation with your doctor and let them trust you when staying a hospital.

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Hospitals are only meant for short-term stays to get the person stable.There are state hospitals where you can stay longer. I’ve been in and out of them since I was 13, I’m 30 now. They really aren’t that bad. The worst thing about them is the boredom and not being able to smoke. There is one I request to go to that has 5 smoke breaks a day. Is this something your doctor suggested? If your doctor thinks you need it I would just go. Think of it as a time to get on the right meds and get better. If you have any questions about them let me know, I’ve been in enough of them. :sunny:

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I was in one for 8 months. I was afraid of some of the people but there was actually very little violence. I was actually mainly scared about what was going on in my own head more than the other people. I was afraid of what was going on with ME
SunGirl is right. Boredom is a big problem in any hospital I was in… I don’t know if they still do this but when I was in the hospitals in the eighties they used to give you BIG doses of medication to keep you tranquilized. I don’t know if they still do this. When I was in they gave me a MASSIVE dose of Prolixen.

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This is right - Invega is usually much better for people in terms of it reducing “positive” symptoms like voices.

of the three times i;ve been admitted, it was the symptoms that made me afraid of the hospital rather than it being the hospital itself. hospital is ok, just very boring once ur doing a bit better. xxx

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Hospital isn’t scary, its just boring. I’ve been in hospital six times, in various hospitals, some private, but mostly state. The private hospitals were more exciting to be in, because they had more occupational therapy, but the state hospitals weren’t too bad. My fifth hospitalisation was in a therapeutic ward and they had group therapy and occupational therapy every day, so it was less boring, but the lockup ward and other wards were boring. I must say though, that when I was in lockup ward it was a little scary because the patients sometimes fought with each other.

@StarryNight I am no doctor, but you should be discussing your med situation with your doctor. If Abilify was not helpful the first time - it might not be so helpful the second time. I am pretty sure that I have the same type SZ/bipolar symptoms as you, Abilify gave me breakthrough euphoric type manias as well. Maybe you are on too low of a dose of the Invega? You just started taking this med, usually it takes a couple of months to be able to really judge how a medication will do, sometimes longer. Invega is usually an effective medication at the right dose - low doses might not be so helpful - maybe the doctor will raise the dose if you started hearing voices again.
There are other antipsychotics other than Abilify or Invega - it is a matter of finding the right one for your symptoms.
I personally like my current medication, Risperdal and I kind of liked Seroquel XR - everyone is different - but the whole key is not to give up - for me hospitals are not scary, but a place to regroup and get stabilized

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You know my feelings on that med and why, so I cannot possibly answer unbiasedly…

Are hospitals scary? Boo haha wha ha ! This one was notorious, and not just for what the humans did…

I can hear Black Sabbath singing now…
“In the misty morning, on the edge of time…we lost the rising sun, the final sign…”

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I was in hospital for 6 months. I became stupid…or maybe it was psychosis. But anyway I had very much negative symptoms while there. And positives. My guardian angel watched over me. His name was Jerry. I saw his shadow.

Invega is making me hear stuff, not voices, just like autofeedback from loud noises.

I hated being in hospital, and it always seemed worse then it really was. But then, I’d get stabilized and then I’d get bored and it really wasn’t that bad. I’m glad I’m not in, but it wasn’t that bad.

Your day is very laid out for you. There is a routine. Some were very posh, and very boring. Others weren’t so posh and yet somehow did more. That part always confused me.

I agree with what a lot are saying, mostly hospital is just really boring. At least if it is scary it’s not nearly as scary as the symptoms are.

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When I was 15 or 16 I ended up on an adult unit for the first time, it was a very scary experience. Of course it was during a very scary time in my life, but still, the experience shook me.

Was it one of those old ones built in the 1800s like i posted the pics of? I know there is a huge difference between newer hospitals built in the past 50 years and those ancient castle-like buildings with the pike green painted walls, ammonia and urine smell, and staff that often assaulted patients who got even a little out of line… and worse…

It was a very old hospital. Lots of white, spartan, not very welcoming. There were also a number of very vocal patients suffering severe psychosis.

One of the nurses saw how scared I was and gave me some of her Kool cigarettes. Funny how times have changed, that would never happen these days.

I was in a hospital that was 10 years old. When someone got out of control and violent the nearest nurse would yell, “STAFF”! and every nurse on duty would run over and dog pile on the poor person. If the person was REALLY dangerous they had a big net they would throw on him. But when I got inside there were two or three people who had been in this hospital since it opened. Several years after I had gotten out of there I saw an article that said a patient had murdered another patient by sitting on his chest and pounding his head against a concrete floor. But my understanding is that that is very rare.

One time I had a very sweet lady as a roommate and she would bring snacks to other patients and bring them chairs and have nice conversations with them, real nice lady, and funny too! Well she didn’t like this other lady in the flowey dress. This lady called my roommate fat, and my roommate punched her so hard that she flew across the room and hit the back of her head on the metal post, and there was blood everywhere, she had to get staples in her head! After that, my roommate wasn’t my roommate anymore, she got put in a solitary room with a one to one. She was never sorry for what she did, but we kept in contact after we got out.

I personally think the only scary thing about the hospital experience are the severely ill patients who are very loud and want to fight staff.

To me, that’s worse than losing your freedom, not being able to smoke, and the mediocre food.

I found the structure and safety to be very therapeutic.




Hospitals can be emotionally unstable, thus it is best to keep quiet if near one. LOL