How to overcome shock of Hospitilization?

OK Guys,

I have had delusions since the past 8 months but I have never been violent against anyone. I did irritate my family in that period and during my stay with them I did get violent to them (though they provoked me)…and I was hospitalized.

In the past 8 months - 6 months I have stayed away from my family and 2 months with them (during which I was hospitalized).

I haven’t been able to overcome the shock of hospitilization and it is not helping me at all. I mean I know I should be talking to a Therapist but my therapist is incapable to getting me out of this event.

The positive is that right now (since the past 1 month) my family is not bothering me much and I live away from them.

Any ideas friends?.

Hi saurav
Are you taking your meds?

It will be necessary for you to take all your meds as prescribed while you’re still experiencing delusions if you ever hope to get better. You need to be very honest with your doctor in order to get on the right combination of meds.

When I was hospitalized my delusions just fed off each other and I kept getting worse and worse. They finally forced me on a high dose of AP’s and I was able to recognize that my thinking was not normal. Now I’m able to analyze my thoughts and recognize delusions most of the time so I don’t have to be on meds much anymore, but it took a very long time to get here and I’ll probably relapse and have to go back on them eventually.

I have bipolar and not sz though, so my experience with psychosis is somewhat different than yours.

Try to stay positive and find a productive way to pass the time that you enjoy, like some type of exercise or hobby.

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I have always been honest with my Doctor.

My therapist does not believe I need Meds. I am not really harming others and I have only 1 DELUSION- which really goes away after sometime.

She has told me I absolutely have no Schizophrenia.

My diagnose is DD + Extreme Anxiety.

I dont know when my therapist and my Psychiatrist have agreed and are not recommending me Meds I do not want to take them.

My question was about the incident of hospitalization.

I don’t have Schizophrenia.

I have Delusional Disorder and the Delusion does go away after some days (Meaning I do realize that it was a delusion after all).

You have a 50/50 chance with medication if that’s your diagnosis:

A positive response to medication treatment occurred in nearly 50% of the cases in our review, which is consistent with the earlier review.

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I guess there is no answer to my original question?

You parents hospitalized you for your own good.
My hospitalization was traumatic but I’m glad I was hospitalized, to get better afterwards.

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I’ll answer you Hun. Your hired professionals made the decision that you don’t need anti psychotics well that’s good on you. You don’t have severe hallucinations or don’t need them then you haven’t experienced too much discrimination.

What was your delusion?

What happened in the hospital it’s a shock to many it’s like prison.

Understandable : message me if you don’t want to make too much public. I have experience and my schizophrenia was also exaggerated now: Bipolar.

You’ll be ok. Take notes and document it for records and reflection. Hope to hear from you.

better with Meds?. Its a pipe dream.

Look, it works for me. My delusions and hallucinations are gone now, I live better, and I’m recovering.
It’s a choice really. You make your own choices.

I don’t fully understand your question because I was never in shock due to being hospitalized. I’m guessing you’ll become accustomed to the idea and accept it and no longer be in shock. Have you tried talking to a psychologist?

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How long since you are on Meds/Hospitalization?. Just asking as a passby.

Its been only a year since I’m medicated. I was extremelly delusional for years before that.

I see — thanks for the reply.

And your delusions were Grandiose?..


a. Were you harmful to others?.

b. No Hallucinations I suspect?.(voices??)

Take the Meds for an year more Minnii, and then come back to me with a fresh perspective.

I’ve had AP for 2.5 years for Depression. (No Psychosis). I was exactly thinking like you for 2 years and more (that MEDS were helping me) …Until my Friends, Parents told me how much I had changed (and my personality had)had changed (all for the worse mind it).

My delusions were grandiose but not only. Also persecutory mostly.

I wasn’t harmful to others, only to myself.

I had visual hallucinations of demons

I believe everyone is different, I think the changes I’m making in myself are what’s best for me. I stopped being self-destructive, I’m more caring towards my family, amongst other things.

I believe everyone has different reaction to meds. If this med is not working I’ll pass to another one that does, I want to do CBT as well, all in the progress of my recovery.

I’ve been sober for almost a year now, I had harsh problems with alcohol and drugs and I overcame them.

So I got reasons to want to be healthy.

You probably have your reasons too. What are yours?

The mechanism of the Meds is the same -

a. They shut down areas of the brain which stops your thought processes - effectively stopping the Delusions/Hallucinations.

A nice simile of Med is this : It is a hammer approach to a bent nail. You slam the hammer and break the nail instead of re-positioning it to straighten it out . Re-positioning the nail requires tremendous patience (that few have), courage (that almost noone has) and Self-belief. It is a hard and painful process but there is a possibility of recovery and any recovery is everlasting.

b. They make some portions of the brain dependent on the Med. So it gives you a false feeling that the Med is helping you and you wouldn’t realize what is happening until and unless someone else tells you that you have changed.

But of-course for Mid to Severe Illness, Med are the only HOPE.

Take care.

I think you give yourself reasons to be anti-med, without really knowing why you do that.
I gave up on telling you to take meds, I tell you to talk to your therapist to get some coping mechanisms for your persistent delusion. It bothers me, because I worry, that in the same week you will think someone injected you two or three times. Maybe you should try a different therapist that can help you with that, if yours doesn’t. You have a delusion, that’s a problem you need to overcome. If you can do it without meds, even better. I won’t tell you otherwise.

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FOR MID to SEVERE Mental illnesses, Meds are the ONLY HOPE so take the Meds.

Well I did not have problems with Drugs and Alcohol.

My position AGAINST Meds are for the following reasons:

a. The Hammer and Nail simile and the 2 reasons I mentioned.
b. Meds make me a Robot - I don’t know what the hell I am doing or what the hell I am saying. Basically I lose my awareness and a walking/Talking toy.
c. I am a Meditator and with Meds I cannot ever meditate.
d. The Aweful Sideeffects - Diabetes, Impotence, Weight Gain, Digestive issues. Believe me WHETHER they help you or not Mentally is debatable but they do screw you physically - that is for sure. Take them for 10 years and you will curse your existence itself.
f. MOST IMPORTANT - Not a single Medical professional has a clue as to what causes/reasons for Psychosis. It is ONLY A HYPOTHESIS (Meaning best guess scenario) which has been proven to be FALSE that Neurotransmitter mismatch are a cause of Psychosis.(According to a recent discovery by a scientist published in Nature magazine. – will give you the link).

So I dont need a reason to be on Meds.