Sabotaging relationships

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I was wondering if anyone else feels like their illness is sabotaging their relationships.
I have a hard time telling voices apart from thoughts/instincts sometimes, and whenever I try to follow my instincts in a relationship or on dates, I seem to blow it. Either by somehow sabotaging it in the beginning stages, or by too quickly getting tired of the other person later on and telling myself I don’t want them anymore.

It’s starting to get to me, and I don’t know how to turn it around.


I’ve given up on ever having a relationship. I wouldn’t even try now. So I’d say that’s a pretty sabotaged situation.

Yeah, I’m pretty close to giving up too. I feel like I’m too young to give up, but it’s too hard to keep on trying, it feels.

Yes, I’m older. I had lots of relationships before I was diagnosed. So maybe I’m just getting weary :smile: . If you’re young, then you shouldn’t give up.

You could say that actually, my “schizophrenia” has done this quite a bit.

My “schizophrenia” you could say knows virtually everyone’s pet peeves, when they want to be alone, their secrets, and stuff like that. And sometimes it might try this in different ways.

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“Sabotaging relationships”

I don’t do that much, as I rarely get to the “relationship” level with others.

If you can find someone who is so mellow and stable that they will stay with you because somehow they see you through all the crap you fling at them, then you’ve found true love.
I can’t believe what my husband has endured. I feel guilty, and after a bad episode I wonder how he can stay, but I was blessed to find the "right one."
Don’t give up! I met my husband when I was 40. One thing I had learned by then was that I needed someone extremely “normal” and stable.
I’m constantly struggling with paranoia and atleast every other day I think I should leave (delusional) but I stay too and try not to let my internal storm ruin everything.



I agree.

I met my girlfriend when I was 48 (I’m 53 now), and she puts up with me.

She sees something good in me–even when I can’t see it.


I had to give up on relationships for a while because I kept sabatoging them due to my illness and PTSD. I had to spend a lot of time alone learning how to become stable. But once I found the right combination of meds and therapy, and my coping skills were better, I was able to start dating again. Now, I am married. Even if you can’t maintain a relationship right now, you might be able to at some point in the future.


Yes. That’s it and I’m glad you were blessed too.
I ask my husband why he loves me and he lists things… things that I think he makes up, but I’m glad. I’ve actually told him that he’s lying… but I’m trying really hard to let myself be happy.