Romance our best bet

In Romance I think we have the best bet at success with people who have sz , because if we have a breakdown the other can help with what’s benefited them in their breakdown, and vica_versa


that’s cute

some MI people wouldn’t want MI partners because they are quite rough to deal with (on top of their own MI problems,) whereas having a non-MI partner would be less stressful because he would probably be less problematic to deal with.

I don’t think anyone consciously dates a sz man, and most sz men are quiet about MI because some people have a strong stigma against MI, even if that MI person was their destined soulmate.

but hey, I would date anyone regardless of MI.

I needed a very stable person (some might say boring, but not for me). I can’t focus on someone else’s struggles. I’m busy in my own mind and can’t worry about someone else’s mind.

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I guess I’m thinking of empathy and sympothy

But how can I tell someone is sz? Wait! I know, if they are fat there’s a chance it’s because of meds

I don’tthink it is relevant in any way. It is nice to have someone who gets what you are going through but it is also nice to be with someone who is more easy to deal with. Normal people have more problems than us btw

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I’d disagree.

Meet a normal or someone who’se depressive. You don’t need the drama.

I married a girl who is probably low bi polar. She was crazier than me and that made it difficult and eventually I walked out.

That sux. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone!

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