Rocking the Sanctuary

I can hear what our trio sounded like yesterday: not bad at all. In the context of the other two, my bass didn’t sound like hard rock or anything offensive. It blended in quite well, really. I stayed faithfully within D Ionian mode. As I always used to do, I clicked the strings with my right hand to keep time. Regarding being inspired, I didn’t feel anything psychotic, which is a good thing. My face must’ve looked wooden up there, but it was nothing new. I looked just the same with every band I was in. Perhaps a bit of a trained seal, but I get a little enjoyment out of it. Just throw those dollars in my hat… The action on my bass felt a bit loose, and it clanked like a Rick. I like that sound, but for playing hymns, I dunno. I’ll ask Pastor if I can come in and make some adjustments. I need to raise the E saddle to avoid distortion. The G saddle I suspect is toast: I made the groove too deep, to make that sitar whine. Overall, tho, I like that bass. It has character, unlike the Yamahas typical for church music. To my mind’s ear, it sounds very Rickenbacker for a P copy. Like a Rick, but deeper, less trebly. The white finish is perfect. D—— indeed grunted at me when we shook hands. Oh, well. I brought rock ‘n’ roll into the sanctuary and nobody got hurt. M— would’ve hated it, too, just as she said The Beatles were terrible.

The hymn our trio did still bounces and jaunts away in my brain. I can visualize a drum track to it easily. My bass line sort of puts gas in their car. Or, it might be said, serves as the glue. I’ve been told that before. …I wonder what Mom would’ve thought of my bass playing for a church. Appropriate or not? Well, she did like The Beatles!

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