Dean bass a good investment

I’ve been playing my Custom Zone bass guitar almost every day. It sounds cool in drop D, when I do Rush’s “Stick It Out” on it. I think I’ll put the Hipshot Kickass bridge I’ve got on it for added depth and sustain. Make it sound even more live and like a tiger in my hands. Fun stuff, and therapeutic. Another point is that on my new ap, I don’t get religious delusions anymore from playing rock ‘n’ roll :smile:



Hell yeah. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.


Thanks so much, @roxanna!


That’s a beautiful bass @Borath.

Keep on rockin’!



I play bass too albeit poorly. It was about 90 bucks new, nothing fancy, and i spraypainted it light blue its a real piece of garbage but i love it. Removed the frets with my gf and waxed it. Its such a mess i wish i could afford more pedals for it cause theyre the funnest part abt guitars. I Dont have a bass amp tho.


Practice amps aren’t too spendy. There’s a brand called Behringer that was ~$99 last time I priced them. I actually bought one for that and resold it to a friend for $50. He put a lot more mileage on it than I did.

Don’t sell yourself short. Getting good at anything takes a lot of practice.

How do you like your bass fretless?

Thanks. I like it too.

BTW, did you order a copy of the Paul Bowles book? Not to nag you, tho.

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You welcome!

No, not yet. My funds are really tight now after buying a new acoustic guitar.

I think I added it to my wishlist though. :slight_smile:

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What kind of guitar did you buy? That sounds like fun!

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It’s a Jasmine, real affordable/budget acoustic guitar. :slight_smile:

The exact type is the S-34C Nex.

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So are you going to play Stephen Stills on it now, @Montezuma?

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Haha! :slight_smile: I shall try, my friend.

I love that old folk music. That and Neil Young style riffs are what I enjoy playing.

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I sympathize a lot with the Flower Children. Born in '67 here.

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