Risperidone-wonder if it'll work

So I saw the psychiatrist at PHP (I had a good time today by the way the people in my group are very nice) and he said he didn’t want to give me Latuda because of the severity of my psychotic symptoms. So I agreed to try Risperdal. Did anyone find this med difficult to start? He said it was neutral and would not make me too sleepy or give me akesthesia.

Also he wanted me to do inpatient but I said no because I really want to stay in at least one of my classes.


I never had a choice to start Risperdal. It was one of the first next generation and so a welcome relief from Haldol so even though it was forced it was ok.

But I was not doing too well and I had prolixin injections also at the same time. But if your stable it may be good and an easy start.

It was neutral with no side effects I could tell. It does stop your period and increases prolactin? That can give young guys man boobs.

Not gonna lie I would have no complaints about it stopping my period

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Yea it was actually a bonus.


Oh also he said he may change my diagnosis to schizoaffective :confused: But right now he’s keeping it psychotic depression until we can meet more.

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It is very effective for me but it has completely destroyed my libido and it also makes me pretty tired throughout the day, but I counteract that with caffeine pills. Those are the only side effects that I have noticed.

Ive been on Risperdal for years, its a very effective medication for me.

I raised the dose about 3 days ago and its making me a bit wired in the mornings and zonking me out a bit during the afternoons, but its a good med.

It does take its toll on ones libido - I have very little drive.

As far as the Atypicals go, you really cant beat it when it comes to tackling positive symptoms and mood instability.

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Respiridal was the first antipsychotic I ever tried. Killed my libido and gained weight but it did contribute to 4 years off meds completely.

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Its a good med but it just wasnrt for me it made me gain close to 100 pounds and it didnt help my symoptoms as much as it should have

Risperdal made me grow breasts and im a man

I don’t want my boobs to get any bigger I already have back pain from mine ;_;

I am very concerned about weight gain which is why I wanted to go on Latuda because like Abilify you’re supposed to gain less weight. If I start getting too heavy I may drop the med.

Latuda keeps away the delusions and stuff for me same as risperdal did but with less side effects. Maybe if youre pushy you can get your doctor to switch you to latuda many people dont have a problem


I am on risperidal 1mg for three days and I am feeling sleepy that it affect my work.Will the sleepiness go away?

Sleepiness is a side effect that usually goes away for most meds. However it could go away in as fast as 2 weeks, or it could take several months.

I don’t think I got sleepiness on Risperidone.

I was sick 6 hours a day for 6 months until I made a .25mg cut on 5mg. Extremely tired. Zombified really. Took a long time for it to go away.

Oh yeah, if your period stops then you need birth control to thin the lining of the uterus, because it can lead to cancer

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Zombie thread. Twice!


did u mean it makes u unwilling to take any medication again?

Heard it can raise prolactine. Not touching it though I was prescribed it last visit at the doc.

@Anna, I thought you were attending nursing school? What happened?

Oh, that post was two years old.

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