Risperidone perseris and heart pain/murmurs

So i was prescribed risperidone persaris and have been taking it for nearly 3 months now. The past couple of weeks ive been getting chest pain and heart tremors. Im on a trial run because very few people have been taking this medication for the veterans affairs(i was in the USA military). I feel like at any time my heart could stop or that i might have a heart attack. I will be telling my doctor to see what he says. I might have to stop this med even though im doing so well on it and dont want to. Has anyone ever had heart issues because of antipsychotic medication? What would you guys recommend me doing? Should i not take it? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I have tachycardia from Caplyta. My doctor prescribed over the counter magnesium to slow the heart down. A lot of the meds prolong your QT interval affecting how the heart beats. Yeah, you may need a dosage change or med switch. Some doctors are pretty creative with dosing. Good luck with everything.

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Thanks for the quick response zwaynopolous. I will talk to my psychiatrist asap and try to get off of the medication then. I found an article online that said that pereris can cause an irregular heartbeat and to tell my doctor right away because its a serious side effect. There must’ve been a good reason they were doing ekg’s on me every month. It makes me sad that i have to come off of the medication because i was doing so well on it. I hope i dont pass away because of it.

You won’t pass away yet my friend. They did ECGs like you said they did - I’m sure they will pick up abnormalities as soon as possible if it were the case.

If you are having chest pain or discomfort you need to go to an emergency department immediately.

No. I have been taken off of a medication because of concern it could make an existing condition worse, but there is no evidence it has.

Again, if you’re experiencing pain or concerning cardiac symptoms you need to go to your local ER immediately.


When clozapine gave me QTc prolongation it made my heart race and twice pass out where i had to call an ambulance. For a long time before they discovered it they would tell me i was having panic attacks! Finally, once they changed my meds, my heartrate came down and my EKGs started being normal. It just takes a little tinkering to find which meds will work for you and not cause cardiac side effects. They can be scary as hell, tho, til they find the right ones.

Yeah, Clozapine gave me serious heart issues, I felt like I was going to die on that stuff. Thank goodness they took me off it.


I took some magnesium and it stoped my heart murmurs! Maybe my doctor will prescribe magnesium for me like your doctor did? Thanks you guys for all of the help.

i think i saw the medicine can lower magnesium and potassium so that could be it. keep an eye on it tho and make sure u tell ur doctor

I will definitely tell me doctor about it @irrelevant . If my heart murmurs come back i will go to the emergency room like shutterbug recommended. I will be taking magnesium until i find out what my doctor wants me to do. I cant contact anyone until monday because everyone is off on weekends. I really hope i dont have to come off of this medication, it helps me that much.

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Do you drink caffeine. Because caffeine can make meds stronger.