Can risperidone cause chest ache?

So I’m finding out tommorow when I see the doc. Since Friday Iv started having weird things at night after I take my meds, with what I think is my heart. I don’t have nausea but it seems to be the symptoms of possible heart attack or low oxygen heart (heart arythmia). Also only about 60 bpm
But here’s the thing during the day I feel great! So once like half of my 1mg is out I feel normal. Right now I feel fine. The doc did say it affects 4 percent of patients on risperidone.
I hope not cause mentally this med is perfect. I’m sick of all these heart side effects tho! What if I have to go anti phycotic free? Lol that wouldn’t be good. But so far seroquel and maybe this risperidone hasn’t been good to my ticker and that’s not ok with me. I’d rather be crazy than be afraid of dying! Any thoughts?

That doesn’t sound good. Heart problems are one of the things that would make me quit a med. Hopefully everything works out okay and you either find a better med or the heart thing was a fluke.

Heart problems are no joke. I think the first generation APs are supposed to be less likely to cause heart problems, but then you get into the risk of Tardive dyskinesia.

I’m on Risperidone and once in a while I’ll notice my heart fluttering like it’s skipping beats.
A couple of times I suffered with a fast heart rate.

Yeah, it’s scary as hell. When your ticker is telling you something’s wrong you better listen or else. I’m afraid il have to go off this one. To hell with meds tonight until I talk with my doc…too scary. Tommorow won’t be fun but it’s better than trying to fall asleep to forget that your hearts acting up…

I was put on risperidone last month. It’s been maybe 1.5 months. So that’s prob the time when side effects would show up? They say it can take weeks for it to take full effect

Is there anyway it could be one of the other meds you take at night thats causing the chest ache and not the Risperidone?

Chest pain is on the list of less common side effects for risperidone at drugs dot com.

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I take respridral too…i wake up early in the morning. .haha

I take depakote too but Iv been on depakote for years. Good morning @far_cry0!

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I guess I’m the 4 percent! All anti phycotic are bad for the heart plain & simple. It may not be a common side effect but take them long enough and it will be

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Good night mindboxed…how do u know i am having morning time do u know where i live… @Mindboxed …take care bro …i am on 4mg resperidone…every night…

Oh I thought u said u woke up! Sorry I misread it :slight_smile: Where do u live? @far_cry0

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I had heart problems on Geodon I just recently got off it

U might not heard of nepal tho…i am from beautiful kathmandu city…ur from Alaska right…???

Nepal! That is awesome! I bet the mountains are rugged there? Yeah, Alaska :slight_smile: @far_cry0

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@sigarino. We’re u able to find one that doesn’t? The heart issue is why they took me off the Susie’s too. I hope all ap’s aren’t like this! Maybe I have a odd reaction to them

I’m on abilify now and I haven’t had any problems with my heart anymore I think its just some ap’s have the possibility and some don’t you just have to find one that doesn’t give u that but you may be more susceptible to that maybe if multiple meds have given you it