Risperidone and cannabis

I was just wondering if anyone on risperidone smoked marijuana and had the same effect as I did. As soon as i smoked I started having visual distortions such as people bending in half and the top of the field of vision overlapping on the bottom. I also smoked marijuana a few times on paliperidone and never had this kind of effect which is surprising because they are supposed to be similar.

Unfortunately I can’t touch the stuff. Makes me so paranoid. Never really had visuals on it but I know it can amplify the voices so can easily see visuals getting worse

Weed makes me paranoid and violent even on meds.

I smoked cannabis on risperidone and didn’t have any problems.

With our illness, it’s probably best to avoid the stuff,

But for those of us who still choose to smoke,

Be careful.


wouldn’t know, ive never smoked and been medicated at the same time. anyways it makes me too paranoid, maybe if it becomes legal, i’ll experiment again. but probably not, as i would just get paranoid of my gun toting neighbors who like to ruin a good summer day with loud gun shots. i suspect them to be real chuck norris’s, with a vigilant’s psychology. no good place to smoke for me, except alone somewhere peaceful. and that is not anywhere i’ve been able to find.

I dont smoke marijuana anymore.


I See That You Have Chosen Not To Smoke Marijuana Anymore @dividedself.

I Still Think What I’m About To Share With The Community Is Important.

I Experimented With Weed Many Years Ago. Before I Was Diagnosed. But!, I Heard Voices As A Much Younger Individual And Only Heard Of Schizophrenia From Olde Stories My Mom Would Share About A Much Older Relative. Who Lived In An Asylum Her Entire Life.

I Still Had No Idea What An Asylum Or Schizophrenia Was.

Although As A Young Guy I Studied Many Different Countries Governmental Proceedings Within The Sphere Of Propaganda. And Of Course Military Proceedings And Violent Metaphorical Paintings Of War. A Few Years Before 9/11 Became Etched Into America’s Consciousness.

Now You May Be Wondering What All Of That Has To Do With Marijuana, SZ, And American Government Issues.

Well…, To Me, After I Began To Grow Into Becoming Someone Who Loathed Hatred, And Loved Art, All Mixed In A Batch Of Undiagnosed Mental Illness. It All Tied Together Of Turning Me Into A Philosophical Bleeding Heart Filled With Passion To Discover Ways To End Any And All Wars Be It Psychological And Or Physical.

And Strangely Enough, I Thought Marijuana Could Be A Key. Although During Those Days, The American Government Disagreed.

And Now It’s Being Legalized, Slowly But Surely.

No One In Their Right Mind Would Of Thought That To Be A Reality For Legal Issues Here In The States. And Of Course Issues On Being High Or Sober Within The Legal Stratosphere.

Either Or, Smoking Even Marijuana (I Have Found), For People With Thus Illness Could Be A Treacherous Pathe To Wander On. Not So Much Dangerous Physically. But!, What One Experiences During Trips, Could Imprint A Negative Affect In The Subconscious State Of Affairs In One’s Clean And Yet To Be Understood Issue Of The Mind.

Although Even As I Say That, I Am Being Reminded That One Can Get Some Really Great Rest After One Falls Asleep. Waking Up Feeling Refreshed, Recharged, And Ready To Tackle Anything That Might Come Their Way During The Day. Unless Of Course, The Individual Gets High Again Too Early. And Well…, Paranoia And Slight Bits Of Odd Confusion May Occur.

I’m Kinda Wandering. But!, If One Uses Marijuana As A Tool For A Good Night’s Rest. Instead Of Trying To Peer Into The Void Of A Darkness That Cannot Comprehend Light.

Well. Better Safe Than Sorry, As Arcade Fire’s Song Goes.

Take It Easy!.

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I always had the same problem, got extremely paranoid.

Seriously no joke I smoked a few times after I became symptomstic one of the times voices in a friendly manner were telling me to kill my parents which totally freaked me out I just laid down until it wore off. A second time I was super super super horny and then one of my eyeballs really was bothering me and I heard voices telling me to cut my eyes and penis off . I drank a edible mostly cbd and was fine last year but I will never smoke weed again. It’s scary I have no idea why weed did that to me but weed makes me feel extremely submissive and girly and maybe I am trans or something but it was a nightmare

Weed has always gave me a dirty high I have never get good on it it makes me sick and I went to the emergency room once because I was smoking out of a bong then I thought I was crazy and would never been sane again I freak out most times I smoke. I used to feel good when I drank and smoked the alcohol would smooth it out though but yea no weed for me

Marijuana never really induced psychosis in me but generally if i started smoking marijuana i would eventually have a psychotic episode

Weed always got me super high I even did lsd twice and had a great time and was very high but weed is horrible. Mushrooms also made me extremely high and insane I had nothing but bad trips on mushrooms.

Lsd made me taste colors and see music and laugh like for what seemed like hours hysterically. I loved it. But I haven’t done drugs in a really long time and will never again

I think weed causes schizophrenia I’m firmly anti drugs

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