RIP Speckles and Gloop

Two of my goldfish died, one on Tuesday and one today, Friday. The first one was Speckles, my brown speckled fish. It was a shocker, because he looked healthy and then suddenly I found him on the bottom of the tank. Gloop, the silver and orange one that died this morning, was not a shocker, he had been out of sorts for weeks already. The two were the smallest and weakest fish.

Leaves just 3 now, the stronger ones, Comet, Honey and Splat. Hope they survive for a long time and don’t follow the other two yet! Maybe if all goes well, in a few weeks, I may get two more fish.

We’ll see how it goes.

I’m sorry to hear that. Take care @Hadeda

Sorry for your losses @Hadeda - People can get attached to their pets, yes even fish

So sorry you lost your dear fish. I would be heartbroken if my dogs died…hope you feel better soon.

I am so sorry about your lose.

they were loved by you…that means something :heart:
take care :alien: