Right now i feel i m going crazy

actually i had problem before
i was bullied for long time before my MI
bullied in a form talking about me [ being not man or guy ]

nearly all my fellows at school did know this rumor !!!

then my MI begin in 2010
from then i begin to seem like mad person while in college and ppl know more and more about the rumor

recently voices begin to say to me [ you will not marry except from fellow ladies at work and this will be a present to you from us ]

i begin to chase one girl or two
these girls know the rumor and know that i m MI person too probably

they say to firmly no !!!
voices say that was torturing to u !!!
right now i feel i m going crazy becoz what happened !!!
torture and MI


Maybe work on your mental health first. Maybe make that your priority right now. Not women.

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I know it’s not easy to do that. For me too. But I think it’s maybe a GOOD idea.?

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